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KUSH | Organic 98 Special Size Pre-Rolled Cones w/ Filter Tip | 98mm - Organic Hemp Paper - 800 Count


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98 Size (98mm)


Organic Hemp Paper







child resistance



When it comes to the premium world of pre-roll production, every detail counts. That's why the Kush organic hemp 98 size pre-rolled cones stand apart as a game-changer. Crafted with dedication, these cones offer an easy-to-fill design, making your production process smoother and more efficient.

Made with organic hemp, these pre-rolled cones are not just a healthy alternative, but a responsible one. They seamlessly align with the conscious consumer's desire for natural, organic products. This, in turn, boosts the credibility of your brand and products.

As a pre-roll brand or producer, you're constantly looking for ways to ensure your products stay fresh, secure, and protected. These cones are compatible with a wide variety of packaging products. Pre-roll tubes, joint boxes, and more - you name it, these cones fit. This versatility empowers your business to deliver the best product experience to your customers, every time.

  • Easy to fill - saves time and boosts efficiency
  • Organic hemp - a natural, healthy choice
  • Wide compatibility - works with diverse packaging products
  • Wholesale prices - excellent for your bottom line
  • Perfect size - designed for 0.75 grams of cannabis flower

Let's talk wholesale prices. When you choose Kush organic hemp pre-rolled cones, you're not just getting a superior product - you're getting it at a price point that respects your business's bottom line. This means you can deliver the best without breaking the bank.

Size matters when it comes to pre-rolls. These cones are designed to perfectly hold 0.75 grams of cannabis flower. This precision ensures a consistent, high-quality product for your customers, enhancing their smoking experience.

Another noteworthy feature is the filter tip length. With a generous 26mm length, it offers comfort, ease of use, and a perfect draw. It's these small details that elevate the smoking experience, setting your brand apart.

So, if you're a brand aiming to deliver the best pre-rolls, these organic hemp pre-rolled cones from Kush are an excellent choice. They combine quality, convenience, and sustainability - elements that today's discerning cannabis consumers demand. Take your pre-roll production to the next level with Kush.

This product is intended for tobacco use only.