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What is 710? THC Concentrate Shatter next to Cannabis Flower

420 is a number that is popular among all cannabis lovers, whether novice or seasoned. It is a widely recognized term in the marijuana industry used to describe everything that is cannabis-related. 4/20 is also the date of the unofficial marijuana holiday, during which weed consumers from far and wide celebrate cannabis culture.

However, 420 is not the only marijuana-related number. 710 is a relatively new term in the cannabis realm that has been gaining traction over the last decade or so. 7/10 stands for July 10th, a date that has become allied with marijuana in recent times, commonly referred to as dab day. Although the 710 slang has a long way to go before becoming as prevalent as 420, it won't be long before it takes the industry by storm.

So, what does 7/10 mean, and why should tokers care? Here's all you need to know about 710.

What Does 7/10 Mean?

Novice cannabis consumers may wonder, what's 710? and why is 710 dab day? Essentially, 7/10 or 710 is a slang phrase meaning cannabis oil. When you rotate 710 upside down, it spells out the word OIL. Cannabis concentrates, otherwise known as dabs or oil, refer to highly potent forms of marijuana extracts like hash, shatter, resin, and wax.

Therefore, July 10th (7/10) has become a day that dab enthusiasts look forward to every year. Some people also partake in concentrates at 7:10 pm, like 420. Dab enthusiasts even coined the phrase 710 friendly, which means someone comfortable with cannabis concentrates and being around people who partake of them.

What is 710 Day?

July 10th is a date that dab enthusiasts commemorate all manner of cannabis oils. The holiday is aptly named oil day, dab day, or just 7/10. Although the 710 weed holiday is tailored for a more specific demographic than its 4/20 counterpart, it's normal for tokers who don't dab to wish each other a happy 710 day.

Numerous legal dispensaries often have discount offers on 710 dabbing equipment such as dab rigs and glass dab containers. Brands can also get offers on dabbing tools and parts like carb caps and banger nails.

Brief History of The Origin of 710

Just like 420, the origins of the 710 term are primarily unclear and up for debate. However, many tokers are of the opinion that the phrase originated only about a decade ago. Generally, it is believed that the cannabis community celebrated the first 710 holiday in 2012.

Additionally, weed lovers reckon that before cannabis became legal in many parts of the United States, tokers used the term 710 as a code for marijuana oil. Back then, people would ask their dealers for 710 to indicate their desire for a marijuana concentrate.

Since then, the term has gained much traction in cannabis as the industry continues to grow. 7/10 acquired most of its popularity between 2012 and 2014 when websites like the High Times and LA Weekly published articles about the new holiday. With the widespread legalization of weed, the 7/10 holiday has become much like a spectacle. Dab lovers in states with legal cannabis celebrate the day through various events.

710 Friendly Events

Not every cannabis consumer is into marijuana concentrates. They have incredibly high THC content and aren't suitable for beginners. For this reason, the term 710 friendly was forged to mean someone can handle highly concentrated products.

Similarly, 710 organizations cater to the specific demographic within the cannabis community that enjoys dabbing. Organizations and individuals who truly appreciate the meaning of 710 day celebrate the day through various events. 710 Degree Cup in Arizona, Camp Sesh in Oregon, and Colorado's Kush Masters 710 Celebration are a few events that dab fanatics use to commemorate oil day.

How To Properly Commemorate Oil Day

The best way to celebrate oil day is by enjoying some of your favorite cannabis concentrates. However, make sure you take it easy if you're new to the 710 lifestyle. Newbies also need a few dabbing instruments and a crash course on dab etiquette for the best oil day celebration.

Unlike smoking cannabis buds, dabbing is a tad more complex. To enjoy your favorite concentrates, you’ll need a dab rig. You can opt for glass dab rigs if you want to enhance your experience. Other requirements include a dab tool, torch or lighter, your favorite concentrates, and concentrate distillate syringes.

Still, vaping provides an alternative for people who find dab rigs tasking. Vapes make consuming cannabis concentrates and oils easier since they only have a few necessities. Fortunately, most legal dispensaries and smoke shops have discounts on numerous smoking accessories and concentrate packaging to help you prepare for the holiday.

Why Dabbing Is So Popular

There are many reasons why a significant portion of cannabis enthusiasts love dabbing. Firstly, they have higher THC content than regular marijuana buds and flowers. Some dabs have an upward of 90 percent THC concentration. Therefore, they are more effective and produce a superior experience compared to other cannabis products.

Another significant factor is that the smoke produced by cannabis oils is not as harsh as other smokable weed products. For this reason, tokers who deplore the smoke from marijuana joints and pipes or have respiratory issues often gravitate towards dabs.

The effects of marijuana concentrate also kick in much faster after consumption than other weed products. It usually takes a few seconds for tokers to feel the effects of the oils after dabbing. Due to the quick reaction and high potency of cannabis concentrates, some customers believe that dabs are also of better value.

Bottom Line

Just like 420 refers to everything cannabis-related, 710 is a term used to describe cannabis concentrates. It also represents the celebration of all marijuana oils, including shatter, wax, resin, budder, and crumble. The dab holiday has been engraved in cannabis culture, and millions of dab fans worldwide enjoy it every year.

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