How To Improve Your Vaping Experience

How To Improve Your Vaping Experience

As CBD grows in popularity as an alternative medical treatment, new users are presented with what often feels like an overwhelming number of choices for consumers. For many, the most common way to consume marijuana is through smoking, but tinctures and edibles have grown increasingly popular. Another consumption method, vaping, is increasing in popularity but also comes with a stigma.

Just because it seems that many who vape do so inconsiderately or that the news is rife with new reports of vaping toxicity does not mean you cannot enjoy it. With information comes understanding, and with that comes enjoyment.

It is important to understand the equipment involved. Vaping requires a vape pen device and a CBD product typically called vape juice or vape carts. Actual CBD oil is not for vaping, so CBD vape juice is usually from food-grade ingredients. Some of the variations of these components: 

  • Disposable CBD Vape Pens: Small cigarette-shaped devices with pre-filled CBD vape juice. The most affordable and accessible vapes on the market. It is highly recommended for individuals trying vaping for the first time.
  • CBD Oil Cartridges: Small cylindrical-shaped vape tanks pre-filled with CBD distillate or CBD vape juice. A typical cartridge holds between 0.5 ml and 1 ml of CBD vape juice. After disposable CBD vape pens, these are the most affordable and accessible vapes. They require a compatible 510 thread battery or vape pens to function correctly.
  • CBD Pods: Similar to CBD cartridges with the ability to swap between CBD and nicotine. They are the best to walk around with; favorite for regular travelers who want to enjoy CBD while on the go.
  • Refillable CBD Vape Pens: Cost-effective, rechargeable vape pens filled with CBD vape juice. These devices produce more vapor than disposable vapes. Perfect for sampling a variety of CBD juice flavors.

Disposable vape pens are likely the best place to start for beginners. Last July, popular publication High Times introduced their own vape cartridges in several flavors

If you decide to continue vaping, refillable vape pens are much more cost-effective.

With all THC or CDB undertakings, one of the first things to learn is dosage. It is essential to keep in mind any underlying or preexisting medical conditions and also the user’s body weight. A good beginner’s strategy is to start with the lowest dose possible. Also, check the strength of the vape juice. 

In general, it is a good rule of thumb always to stay hydrated, and it is beneficial when vaping. Using the same e-juice over a prolonged period may make it difficult for your taste buds to taste other vape flavors. Staying hydrated alleviates this issue. And, if you do experiment with different flavors, it’s good practice to use individual tanks for each juice.

As with anything you consistently put in your mouth, you want to clean it regularly. Vape juice can stick to the vape cartridges, altering subsequent vaping experiences. Even if you never switch juices, clean the tank to avoid residue build-up.

As recent news reports have demonstrated, one of the more critical factors is to choose your vape ingredients wisely. Make sure your CBD product is made with clean ingredients. Legitimate, trustworthy brands itemize their ingredients and explain their formulas for preparation. Often they have valuable FAQ pages and blogs with helpful information and guidance.

Vaping is a highly effective method for consuming CBD – the effects kick in quickly and last a long time. This effectiveness has sparked its popularity. Once you know the basics of dosing, cleaning, and product selection, you can fully enjoy vaping. If you plan to travel, make sure you know how to fly with your CBD vape products.

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