The Benefits of Ceramic Vape Cartridges and Why They're Taking Over

The Benefits of Ceramic Vape Cartridges and Why They're Taking Over

Since their invention in the early 2000s, dab pens and vape cartridges have steadily become one of the most popular ways cannabis lovers smoke oil. Like with any technology, cartridges have been improved upon and evolved over the years. One of the best new carts to hit the market has been ceramic cartridges. These carts have been proving themselves as an incredible alternative to metal cartridges and come chock full of benefits that are sure to make them your new favorite way to vape. 

Benefits of Ceramic Cartridges

Ceramic cartridges have significantly impacted the industry due to their incredible benefits. There’s a reason – rather, several reasons – that ceramic carts are set to be the new must-have addition to dab pens. Ceramic carts have proven themselves to be standouts because of all that they offer. 

Begone Burnt Taste: One of the cornerstones of ceramic cartridges is the elimination of a burnt taste. Any metal cartridge user knows the pain –sometimes literally–of taking a dry hit. Dry hits occur when the cotton wick is oversaturated with oil. The burnt taste is harsh, and taste will tarnish the delicious oil’s flavor. Ceramic cartridges do not use metal or cotton, eliminating the dreaded dry hit and burnt flavor. 

Fantastic Flavor: Ceramic cartridges also improve the taste by providing a richer flavor experience. Since ceramic is a very porous material, the potential surface area of heat is increased. This, in turn, increases the oil product that can be inhaled per puff, resulting in a robust and highly flavorful smoking experience. Ceramic is also flavorless, so you’ll get a pure hit every time. You can genuinely enjoy the flavor profile of your oil without fear of losing the quality of taste!

Thicker Vapor: Everyone can agree that exhaling those thick, full clouds makes smoking cartridge vapes one of the dreamiest ways to smoke. Not only does the porous nature of ceramic improve taste (just read above for the proof), but it also leads to better vapor. The powerful vapor clouds might seem like they would strain the ceramic cart, but the contents actually last longer. You can puff away to create rich clouds while keeping the integrity of the cart intact. 

Heat-Resistance: Ceramic cartridges are the most heat-resistant carts on the market! Ceramic carts are far more heat resistant than their metal counterparts, and you can have high heat settings without fear of harming the cart. The ceramic coils stand up against high temperatures, meaning there is less risk of damaged carts and coils. 

Drip Tip Protection: Any veteran vaper has probably experienced “spitback.” Spitback occurs when the wick is oversaturated with the oil. This oversaturation causes the oil to simmer up through the mouthpiece, which means that your vape will be prone to leaks. The hot spitback can also burn your lips, mouth, and tongue. Additionally, transporting your vape can get messy if the tip is prone to leaks. Bottom line: you need a vape that has drip tip protection. The large surface area on ceramic cartridges ensures that the oil vaporizes before it has a chance to leak, giving it an edge over traditional metal carts. 

Ceramic Vape Cartridges vs. Metal Vape Cartridges

So how do these ceramic vape carts hold up to their metal counterparts? While metal cartridges and coils have dominated the dab pens market since the beginning, the ceramic material has begun to surpass them. All the benefits ceramic carts provide have poised them to take over as the go-to pre-filled or empty dab carts. The fundamental difference is, of course, the material the carts are made from. Metal carts can leach into the cannabis oil, meaning you are vaping heavy metals. The health determinants toxic metals in vapes can cause are definitely not worth the risk, especially when healthier alternatives exist. Ceramic cartridges are entirely metal-free, and the natural material is a massive plus for the vaping lover. Of course, there will always be those who prefer metal carts, and there’s no shame in that. However, it’s undeniable that ceramic cartridges are a healthier alternative with several key benefits. When choosing your next vape cart, skip the heavy metals in vapes and go ceramic! You won’t regret it. 

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