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Some often-overlooked smoking accessories can turn out to be a must-have, favorite accessory. If you prefer to be as discrete as possible with your cannabis consumption, a Smoke Buddy personal air filter might be the answer you've been seeking.

The original Smoke Buddy and its smaller companion, the Smoke Buddy Jr, are designed to minimize your aromatic smoke impact. The Smoke Buddy air filter keeps secondhand smoke away from family, friends, and neighbors.

The Smoke Buddy Jr. is perfect to get rid of smoke and odor in any location. Finally a way to keep your smoke to yourself! Blow smoke in and clean, odorless air comes out! This unit is durable and built to last, but also small and convenient to carry with you anywhere!

Developed in the United States, the Smoke Buddy utilizes a patented activated carbon filter. When inhaled smoke is exhaled through the Smoke Buddy filter, the odor is reliably filtered out and is replaced with clean, fresh air flowing out.

The Smoke Buddy is made up of plastic tubing with multiple filters inside. These filters separate smoke particles from each other, effectively dissipating the smoke and dramatically reducing odors.

This smaller, compact Smoke Buddy Junior is perfect for travel and can last for 150 plus uses. The original Smoke Buddy is estimated to last 300 plus uses, a highly effective smoke and odor killer.

The larger Smoke Buddy Mega has a filter twice the size of the standard Smoke Buddy and should last for 600 plus uses – that's months or possibly years! And, every Smoke Buddy Mega includes a Mega size Mr. MegaBuddy LED keychain that lights up when you squeeze him.

The Smoke Buddy makes smoking inconspicuous and discreet with no smoke at home, suspicious odors, and no secondhand smoke.

How To Use A Smoke Buddy

Smoke your joints, weed pipes, or vape pens as you usually would. On the Smoke Buddy, you'll find a smaller end and a larger end.

When you exhale, blow through the smaller end of the Smoke Buddy. The smoke travels through a series of meshes and filters inside the Smoke Buddy filter and exits out the wider end of the device.

It is common to share a single Smoke Buddy with your fellow smokers in your circle. Now, it's highly recommended that each person have their own Smoke Buddy or Smoke Buddy Jr.

The Smoke Buddy is a compact, efficient, and convenient way to avoid being noticed for smoking. If smoking privacy and discretion are essential, then a Smoke Buddy is a must-have accessory for you.

Where To Buy A Smoke Buddy?

Marijuana Packaging has a Smoke Buddy to fit your needs, style, and personality. We offer a wide selection of personal air filter options.

Our Price Beat Guarantee ensures you'll get the absolute best price when you're shopping for a Smoke Buddy. Our most popular choice – is sure to top your list.

Whether you opt for Mega, standard, or junior size, the Smoke Buddy is the ultimate personal air filter to keep your smoking discreet – and they're a great way to upgrade your smoking experience.

  • Size: Small
  • Great for discreet smoking
  • Reduces second hand smoke
  • Rids of harmful carcinogens

Cancer and Reproduction Harm -

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