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The Weezy

The Weezy offers a unique and stylish way to enjoy your smoking sessions. Check out our selection of The Weezy products, all available at fantastic wholesale prices, to add some style to your smoke.

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The Weezy CTIP & Jack-Pod System

Smoke easy with The Weezy.

Introducing the Weezy, the revolutionary new way of smoking that is taking over the industry by storm. The Weezy is the first available cone-shaped one-hitter pipe on the market that works with the innovative Jack-Pod system.

The Jack-Pods are small, reusable pods that are completely recyclable and can carry up to 0.2 grams of your favorite herbs. The Weezy one-hitters can be packed with pre-filled Jack-Pods so you can always have them ready. This fully portable system allows you to enjoy a clean smoking experience anywhere you go!

The refillable Jack-Pods can be reused around 100 times and can easily be filled over and over again. The Weezy comes in an airtight, smell-proof child-resistant joint tube that pops open by squeezing the top of the container on both sides simultaneously. Don't miss out on this revolutionary new way of smoking. Order your Weezy today!

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