Capsule Filling Machine - Size 1

Product code: 22067

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Filling gel capsules can be one of the most gruelingly tedious experiences but the Capsule Machine takes away that tedium, filling and ejecting 24 ready-to-go pill capsules in less than 2 minutes. You won’t just be saving time with this pill-filling machine; making your own pills can save you up to 75% in costs! You also have full control over your health by monitoring what precisely goes into your pill capsules. Guarantee that you’re putting only the healthiest of ingredients into your body while bypassing questionable binders and excipients. The Capsule Machine also throws in a free tamping tool to make your life even easier. NOTE: This particular model is designed to fill and eject size #1 pills specifically; the ideal pill capsule size for children and pets.
  • Size: 1
  • Custom mix ingredients
  • Use fresh raw ingredients
  • Auto join / eject
  • Includes tamping tool