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Wiz Khalifa Cones 1 1/4" - Packaged For Retail - 192 Count

Product code: 11792
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Measured at 1 ¼” inches per cone diameter, Wiz Khalifa cones, also known as Wiz Cones, are made from 100% RAW natural unrefined paper and feature the RAW perfecto cone tip within each carefully crafted cone. Wiz Khalifa papers are easy to fill with dried herb of your choice and are considered easy to smoke out of due to them being made with natural ingredients during paper processing.


    • Size: 1 1/4"
    • $0.21 per unit
    • 192 units per box
    • $1.31 per pack
    • 32 packs per box
    • Paper tip included
    • Packaged for retail