Proper Security Training Is A Must For Cannabis Businesses Everywhere

Proper Security Training Is A Must For Cannabis Businesses Everywhere

Security has become a top priority with, recent cannabis-targeted robberies plaguing many cities. Because cannabis isn’t legal at the federal level, banking becomes complicated and requires cash-only transactions. Once a business is known to be cash-heavy, it becomes a prime target for robbery. Additionally, cannabis products sell well on the illicit market. Compounding the security challenges is the all too common reluctance of local law enforcement to offer appropriate protection. Dispensaries are often left to their own devices.

Alarms, locks, video surveillance, personnel training, and security guards are all standard components for any dispensary security system. However, including security guards can present unique risks and challenges.

It’s crucial to provide guards with the best available supplemental training to protect dispensary owners’ dispensary supplies. This training helps ensure they conform to city, state, and federal laws for premises defense. It can also improve their ability to work with the preexisting security plan and system. Without the proper training, certifications, and complete knowledge of proper procedures, a security guard who injures or kills a suspected criminal could expose your business to legal liability. Properly trained employees are vital to success, and properly trained security guards can save lives.

Each business is unique and requires customized solutions, both procedurally and physically. Security personnel is an extension of the business they’re protecting and in many municipalities, the licensee is responsible for the actions of their guards. There are some basics any conscientious business owner should go over with their security guard vendor. 

Ensure your security personnel fully understand applicable state and local cannabis rules and regulations. Make sure their services provided fit your operational needs. Coordinate with the provider to give specific input.

Know the requirements and regulations for security in your state. In many states, security guard companies have their own governing bodies. California security guard companies must have their employees complete training and be certified by the Bureau of Security and Investigation Services. To be licensed, they must show proof of proper insurance. 

Always be sure to obtain proof of insurance and proper licensing by your state’s governing body. 

Property security is essential. It’s critical to ensure it doesn’t become an additional unforeseen liability.

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