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The Highs (and Lows) of Smoking Before an Adele Concert

The Highs (and Lows) of Smoking Before an Adele Concert

Scoring front row seats at Adele’s first live concert in six years seems like it would be every music lover’s dream, right? I know it would definitely be mine. The highly anticipated CBS special hosted many celebrities, including Seth Rogen. 

The actor recounted his experience to Jimmy Fallon. He believed the event would be a small concert, so naturally, he and his wife decided to smoke a “ton of weed.” 

When he showed up, however, reality set in. When they arrived and saw the massive camera set up, Seth knew this was not just a small concert. 

Coupled with the fact the couple’s tickets were 1A and 1B, and Seth thought, “Oh no! That sounds close!” He continued, “The whole time, I just tried to look cool, which is not a healthy thought to have. And for me at Adele — it was hard for me to look cool because I’m uncomfortable. I’m too close.” 

So clearly, his time was not the mellow high he was looking for. 

Seth isn’t the only person who likes sparking up before shows. Lollapalooza Festival helped propel cannabis sales in Illinois. The show Seth went to was in Los Angeles, where the first dispensary designed by and for women of color opened

Seth’s experience got me thinking, what if my first foray into investigative journalism was a deep dive into watching Adele á la Seth Rogen: completely stoned. 

So I grabbed a pre-roll (a Sativa forward strain of Gorilla Glue), enjoyed it while signing up for a trial of Paramount+ (I promise this post is not sponsored). Then I also may have enjoyed some more with my glass bowl (I mean, Seth did say they smoked a ton of weed). Once I was done, the Seth Rogen experience began. I should also add a disclaimer that I love Adele (again, not a paid promotion!)

Another essential thing to note is that I will only be focusing on Adele’s performance. Her interview with Oprah is sprinkled in throughout the concert. While it does offer a fascinating insight into Adele and this new album, I will only be focused on how Seth saw the performance. Below are my high, genuine, and real-time thoughts during each performance.  

The first song hasn’t even started, and I’ve already spotted Seth….Yeah, I can tell he’s high. Maybe it’s because he always seems high, but I feel a kinship with him. 

Hello: This is perfect since the song has a beautiful simple start and then builds to that crescendo. Adele asked herself, how could she open any concert without “Hello”? They have a beautiful shot of her singing with the Hollywood sign in the back…Also, how beautiful is Griffith Observatory? I definitely think if I were there, I would be marveling at the scenery just as much as her. As the song ends, she has already got a standing ovation. Including Seth! It looks like he’s enjoying some champagne. 

“How posh is this?” she asks. I love that she is talking to the audience. It gives the concert a much more intimate feel. 

Easy On Me: This is, of course, the first new single. She definitely feels this song deeply. This song is about her divorce, but I connect on a self-love level. We all need to go easy on ourselves sometimes and accept how far we’ve come (I get a little introspective when I smoke, go easy on me!)

Skyfall: Pleasantly surprised. This song is my favorite out of the franchise…That might be Adele favoritism talking, though. Have they lit up Griffith Observatory in red light with accents under the seats? I think they really put in lights under the seats. Oh wow, even better – they are on top of the seats (modern-looking white benches). The band and backup singers cast giant shadows over the red light. Incredible imagery and set design. Who was the creative director? Because big props to them, give them a raise. 

I Drink Wine: Another new one! “Now I only soak up wine” is an iconic line. I also cannot stress how beautiful Griffith Observatory is. The sun has set at this point, and the views are just amazing of the city. I am also trying to figure out if Seth would feel more comfortable at night or feel more aware of the cameras? I think I’d feel less exposed.

Someone Like You: Oh wow, my personal favorite. I have always been obsessed with this song. A little-known fact about myself? I can play it on piano…but I definitely cannot sing it. I think I would be singing along to myself at this moment if I were there because I am now on my couch. The piano player is impressive and makes me wish I had taken my classes a little more seriously. 

It’s occurred to me that the main reason Seth was so uncomfortable is because of all the cameras. While I cannot simulate this, I’m going to bring my boyfriend into the mix by taking his phone camera and panning back and forth on me while he videos it. 

When We Were Young: The Griffith Observatory has projected pictures of an adorable Adele. Genuine photos give us a glimpse into her life outside of the public eye. It makes the space feel more intimate. Oh wow, a close-up of Seth. You’re doing great, dude! She also shouts out her son because it is his first time seeing her perform! Adorable.

This is the proposal part! I’ve heard about this. Quentin is about to propose to his girlfriend, Ashley (Adele just told us the whole backstory). This girl is so confused; it is hilarious. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tearing up. Ashley is hilarious also. She said yes! Ashley just met Lizzo and asked if she was alive…Relatable. I’m glad I picked this part to have my boyfriend film because he needs to take some proposal notes. 

Feel My Love: Another of my favorites, and Adele is dedicating it to the couple! Genuinely such a sweet and tender moment.

Hold On: Another new one — such a delicate song, clearly about her darkest emotions during the divorce. The sky is completely dark now. I’m thinking of Seth at this moment and hoping he could relax a little during this slow ballad. Oh, WOW, the build-up is incredible in this song. I know this is obvious, but…Adele has the best voice. 

I enjoy that between every song, she manages to turn it into a stand-up comedy show somehow. 

Also, I’m not too fond of the camera filming me at this point. I am feeling much more on Seth’s level. Even though I’m being filmed by someone I am the most comfortable with, I still feel self-conscious and anxious at knowing I am being filmed, so I cannot even imagine how Seth must have felt. 

Rolling In the Deep: Adele is definitely having fun with this. I love to dance when I’ve smoked, but it’s also the point during my high where I’m a little drowsy, so this song is perfect for an easy sway in my seat vibe. The birds-eye visuals of waves crashing on the observatory also dropped my jaw. Did I mention I need to be friends with this creative director? The audience is feeling it also. Everyone is up and dancing. 

To Be Loved: Also off the new album, this song has almost an old Hollywood sound to it? Very fitting for the setting and those sweeping shots of the city at night. Adele closes off with some words of wisdom. “Just go for it…Have a laugh and enjoy it.”

And just like that, Seth and I made it through!

My post-show thoughts the next day (no weed in my system): This concert was incredible, but I think all cannabis consumers can agree that being thrown into a situation where you are not expecting to be filmed would be terrifying. All I’m hoping is that Seth could enjoy the exceptional talent that is Adele – and, the creative director – I know I sure did!

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