Strawberry Fields Leads Denver As First To Receive Delivery License

Strawberry Fields Leads Denver As First To Receive Delivery License - Marijuana Packaging

Strawberry Fields, a Colorado network of five dispensaries, has Denver’s first store marijuana delivery license. Strawberry Fields got the license by virtue of acquiring a former Nature’s Herbs that received the permit in March. The permit approval comes after Denver City Council voted to opt-in to marijuana delivery in April.

“E-commerce is getting more and more popular, so there’s that sense of convenience you can order from the comfort of your own home,” said Ethan Shean, Chief of Retail Operations for Strawberry Fields.

Because Strawberry Fields isn’t eligible under the social equity definition, the dispensary must partner with a non-premises pot transporter before it can offer delivery services in Denver. Those licenses will be exclusively offered to state-defined social equity applicants.

According to Faline VanLandschoot, Chief of Operations at Strawberry Fields, they are currently talking with several potential partners, including Doobba LLC

Truman Bradley, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, believes one reason Strawberry Fields is the only applicant could be the social equity rules. Both stores and the transporters needing to be licensed is an additional hurdle for businesses.

“That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just makes an already new dynamic a little bit more complicated,” Bradley said.

Another reason Strawberry Field is the sole applicant thus far is that other stores could be waiting to see if delivery is worth the investment.

“We need to see what the demand for delivery is, what the cost to get it to the consumer are, and if there’s a sweet spot… where those align,” Bradley said.

Obviously, Strawberry Fields is convinced there’s a demand for safe, convenient delivery. As soon as they secure an agreement with a transporter and begin fulfilling deliveries, they could still have the market to themselves.

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