Learn Sativa University Expands From Old Cannabis Campus To a 5-Acre Farm In Central Florida

Learn Sativa University Expands From Old Cannabis Campus To a 5-Acre Farm In Central Florida - Marijuana Packaging

Learn Sativa University (SATU), a comprehensive educational cannabis university in Florida, has expanded from its prior campus (a 1,000 square foot building) to a five-acre farm and training facility.

The new campus, located in Apopka, FL, will allow the roughly four-year-old university to expand its student base and educational opportunities. Some of the main features of the new Apopka location include a 50,000 square foot outdoor greenhouse and an indoor climate-controlled grow. But even though this will increase the university’s capabilities, SATU was already burgeoning before this move. 

Since their founding in 2016, Learn Sativa University has had more than 50,000 people enroll in both their in-person and online programs, the latter of which are available around the world. According to Cannabis Business Times, Patrick O’Brien, SATU’s founder and CEO, said he’s had students from places such as India, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. In-person students are also completely set up with everything they need during the program, including lunches, books, lab equipment, materials, and more. Some of the courses SATU offers include Marijuana Cooking, Marijuana Growing, Marijuana Laws, and Dispensary Management, which is actually their core curriculum class. 

“Everybody starts with dispensary management,” O’Brien said. “The reason we start there is you have to have a wide understanding of all your opportunities in the industry. I have people who come and say, ‘I want to be a cultivator,’ and then they find out about extractions and completely shift their mindset. So, once you take [dispensary management], we do provide you with advanced courses and consultation programs that you could get into advanced cultivation.” Once a student has their certificate in dispensary management, they can then enroll in more advanced, specified courses that pertain to their career goals. 

And when it comes to SATU students achieving their dreams, the opportunities seem to be boundless. According to their website, the school has helped over 10,000 students land their “dream jobs” and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create “hyper-profitable cannabis businesses.” In addition to that, Learn Sativa University continuously has billion-dollar companies, such as Curaleaf, calling them up looking to hire their newly trained graduates. “[These] companies are coming to us asking us for staff that are qualified, trained and have expertise in what we’re preparing them for, and it’s very exciting because now we have students in all these different management positions that only request Learn Sativa students within those facilities. That’s not all companies, but the ones especially local to us,” said O’Brien. 

In addition to helping students launch “hyper-profitable cannabis businesses,” SATU also has a dispensary in which they feature some of the products students created while studying at the school. “Some of the students that really take to creating incredible products, we will partner up, work with them and do a share so that they actually get a cut of products they sell through that program,” O’Brien said. “So, it’s a way for us to allow students to test out some of their products, and those change once in a while, but it just depends on who comes through the door.” 

O’Brien credits the “beauty of the program” to the networking web they have established and that continues to grow. “If all you’re lacking is a little bump of tools, that little toolset you need, or the skills, maybe you need to just develop them; that’s what we provide you. So, long as you’re willing to swing that hammer, the sky’s the limit,” he said. 

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