Pre-Roll Production: How To Make Your Own Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-Roll Production: How To Make Your Own Pre-Rolled Cones

Introduction Into the World of Making Pre-Rolls

Starting your own business can be daunting, but having your own business can be magical! So! Do you want to know how to make pre-rolled cones? This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide filling you in on all the tips, tricks, do’s, and don’ts on how to make your OWN pre-roll cones! 

How to Begin! Everyone knows getting started can be the hardest part, but the truth is once you get STARTED building a brand, designing your logo, making decisions, and creating a product you LOVE you will come to find that perhaps the idea to make your own pre-roll cones was meant to be! 

What we will cover: 

  • How do pre-rolls work 
  • How to make pre-rolled cones
  • How to pack a pre-rolled cone 
  • How to start a pre-roll company 

How do pre-rolls work? 

If you want to know how to make your own pre-roll cones you’ve got to start with the basics like knowing how they work! Pre-rolls are natural full-spectrum products. This means that there are generally no additive ingredients, such as tobacco, nicotine, etc. This is one of the reasons why pre-rolls have become the staple in cannabis smoking today. 

What you see is what you get! That said, your choice of pre-roll packaging, size, and flower, MATTERS! Knowing how to fill pre-roll cones properly makes all the difference when you are building a business based on the compounds, terpenes, nutrients, and flavonoids found in the flower filling your pre-rolls. 

This opens up a huge amount of opportunity for your business and you want to do it right! There are a lot of cannabis consumers that prefer the smoking experience as opposed to vaping, dabbing, or using an alternative apparatus. This is important in knowing because perfecting the process and not skimping on quality while producing quantity is key to your future success. 

Adding pre-rolls to your business is brilliant. It is a cost-effective sure-fire method for selling your product and it is an affordable way to expand your brand, think of it as a smokable business card. By knowing how to pack a pre-rolled cone and make your own pre-roll cones you are turning pennies into dimes! 

Getting Started…. 

Now let’s build a business you love creating, as much as you love talking about. Whether you are expanding your current pre-roll company or just getting started Marijuana Packaging has worked with some of the best of the best pre-roll companies in the business.

First, think of what you would like your pre-roll brand to represent. Is it a “high” end pre-roll you smoke on fancy occasions, a doobie you smoke with your friends, or a casual everyday must-have pick-me-up? Depending on your budget you have quite a few fun options to choose from! The main variables to keep in mind when you are learning how to make a pre-roll are paper type, filter type, shape, size, and branding options.

Pick your paper: Refined white papers, unrefined brown papers, or a hemp wrap. Refined white papers are perfect for that everyday all-day pre-roll because they are modern, classic, and clean. The unrefined brown papers in larger sizes scream: “Organic and Fabulous!” and are a natural, low-cost option. Then of course there is the ever-popular hemp wrap, which is an amazing health-conscious alternative you can smoke with friends on special occasions. These variables all join together to create an original smoking experience unique to your brand. 

Congrats! You have begun the process of how to make pre-rolled cones! While expressing your own style and building the voice you want for your brand you can keep the: make your own pre-roll cones process simple and satisfying. 

While keeping your vision in mind, check out the amazing selection of wholesale custom pre-rolled cones at Marijuana Packaging. From the best unrefined joint paper cone options, filter types, and sizes you will surely be able to customize and create a brand you can’t stop smoking, talking about, and loving on! 

How To Pack a Pre-Rolled Cone: Efficiently, Successfully and In Bulk!

Regardless of the size of your pre-roll business, how much product you produce, and what structure you would like to create within your company, the fact that you need to know how to fill pre-rolled cones properly is universal. You just need to make a few decisions regarding YOUR brand’s plan to execute the process efficiently, successfully, and in bulk. 

Many pre-rolled joint companies love the cost-efficiency and time efficiency of the pre-roll machine. Marijuana Packaging has become an industry-leading one-stop online shop for some of the best brands in the business, beginners included! By providing commercial grinders, filling machines, and top-of-the-line processing and handling supplies YOU are now able to build the pre-roll company of YOUR dreams (on a budget).

From custom pre-roll packaging to wholesale RAW cones in bulk, you can very easily build the structure you need at a start-up price you can afford. Remember: Once you make a decision “roll” with it! Keep your business structure simple and begin to build, but first, you must begin. 

Pre-Rolled Cone Packaging Checklist

Small Business: How to pack cones, personally. 

Just starting? Wanting to roll by hand and build a business? This is the most eco-friendly, budget-friendly way to go about it! Let us show you how to fill cone papers properly.   

1. Grind up about one gram of cannabis flower.

2. Take the pre-roll cone of your choice, facing the wider end upward. 

3. Grab a small amount of your ground cannabis flower and insert it into the pre-rolled cone using a packing tool or your fingers, either works! 

4. Carefully pack your pre-rolled cone until it is full.

5. Yes, they come with a perfect filtered tip per your convenience.

6. Enjoy knowing how to fill pre-rolled cones successfully, on a small scale!

It’s that straightforward! Once you have chosen the paper type, filter, and size you are ready to start perfecting how to stuff a cone! Keep each pre-rolled cone consistent in size and organized on flower strain. 

Medium-sized Business: Let’s Expand the Brand 

Got a pre-roll machine? Not to worry Marijuana Packaging sells them wholesale, so you can get your business rolling ASAP. Here are some simple steps on how to fill cone papers using a rolling machine: 

  1. Set up a designated station for your pre-rolling business. You will need a flat platform and plenty of room to keep your pre-rolls organized, sanitary, and the process efficient.
  2. Grind up your raw cannabis flower using a large handheld grinder or cannabis grinder machine!
  3. Load up your pre-rolled cones into your cone filling machine with the crutches/filter tips on the bottom side.
  4. Place your grinded cannabis flower on the cone filler.
  5. Turn on the filling machine to begin its vibration which will shift cannabis into your cones.
  6. Seal off the tops of your pre-rolls.
  7. Insert each pre-roll into a joint box to stay organized. These can be custom to your brand and cannabis compliant for statewide distribution.
  8. Congratulations! You successfully know how to pre-roll cones in bulk! 

Staying organized and consistent is key at this stage of pre-roll production. Time efficiency is monumental, so you can get your cannabis flower pre-rolls on the shelves compliantly. With some practice, you now know how to make a cone joint properly for distribution. 

Established Company: Let’s GROW!  

Since you have already mastered how to make a pre-roll, it is now time to focus on budget, equipment, and structure within the pre-roll production process. Take a look at this overview on the step-by-step process of how to make pre-rolls in bulk as a pre-established cannabis company. 

  1. Buck, Trim Grind! Carefully grind your material, using an industrial cannabis grinder to retain as much kief as possible. The keyword is careful, so you can maintain the flavor and potency of your precious cannabis flower.  
  2. Sift out any unwanted materials and stems you would not like to incorporate in your pre-roll. 
  3. Let your product sit out for about 6 hours+ to decrease moisture by about 10-12%. Your weed should not be too sticky for packing pre-rolls. 
  4. Pack cones using a semi-automatic or fully automatic cone filling machine.
  5. Every pre-roll should be individually weighed for compliance reasons. 
  6. Make an assembly line with WIP (work-in-progress) trays. 
  7. Use a direct thermal printer for batch information details. Order customized labels in bulk!
  8. Choose pre-roll packaging! This could be single pre-roll tubes or custom pre-roll mylar bags built for multiple pre-rolls. 
  9. Make packaging tamper-evident with appropriate labeling.
  10. Seal packaging with a heat packaging machine.
  11. Place the packaging into retail boxes for distribution.
  12. Enjoy knowing how to pack a pre-rolled cone in bulk as an established cannabis company. 

Pre-Roll Branding and Packaging: The Bottom Line

Picking out your pre-roll packaging and customizing your brand can be made simple. Similar to the pre-roll production process it is oh-so-important you remain consistent with your pre-roll packaging and branding. Buying custom-made packaging for your brand no matter the size of the business not only saves time, but it takes the risk out of the process. Marijuana Packaging provides custom pre-roll mylar bags, tamper-proof labels, and all the custom packaging your brand needs to remain state compliant. 

In closing, a list of dos and don’ts from the ones who know the pre-roll production business best:

DO’S when starting your pre-roll business DON’TS when starting your pre-roll business
Get an outside opinion and work with a custom team Don’t do it yourself!
Use moisture packets Don’t leave freshness and flavor to chance
Assign a designated area for packaging Don’t cut your space and time short
Buy wholesale items in bulk Don’t skimp on quality
Learn how to fill a cone paper, properly   Don’t perfect the pre-roll process
Spend time learning: How do pre-rolls work Don’t jump right in with no background knowledge
Have your custom team make your labeling state compliant Don’t risk your license
Grow great products and use KIS Method (Keep it simple) Don’t go under budget, rush, and cut corners

There you have it! Numerous ways to make a pre-roll company from the ground up! Staying focused and consistent with your brand throughout the process is key. Building a brand can be fun, but is best when you keep it simple and GROW from there. Remember to have fun with it! It will show in your product and your sales revenue. Personalizing and customizing your pre-rolls and pre-roll packaging can be a simple and satisfying process as much as it is important. Don’t be shy and let your pre-rolls light up someone’s day the cannabis way! 

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