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Bong Prices: Just How Much Do They Cost?

Bong Prices: Just How Much Do They Cost?

Even with as many ways to get medicated, bongs remain a top-tier option. Though pre-rolls and vapes dominate the market for many reasons, flower continues to have a stronghold on recreational and medical users. The conversation surrounding bongs vs. joints continues to run rampant in everyday stoner discourse since each has its perks. Bongs might not be as portable, but they’re a stylish and practical way to get stoned. 

Bongs go back to 400 B.C. in Africa. Archaeologists discovered two golden bongs that tested positive for cannabis and opium. Of course, discoveries have indicated its evolution and usage outside of Africa. Ultimately, the bong is among the oldest methods to consume cannabis and is a reliable tool for anyone looking to get medicated.

The modern-day bongs bear little similarities to the ones from 400 B.C. but have the same use. The latest innovations transformed bongs into fashionable accessories that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. These are primarily made with glass by experts with a firm understanding of how bongs are made. From the various types of multi-chamber percolators to simple to straight bongs, there’s plenty to choose from at different price points.

What Bongs Should I Buy?

Dispensaries and head shops require a plethora of options for their stores. Bong enthusiasts aren’t monolithic in their preferences. Depending on your experience working with a bong, you may prefer something more complex than the basics. A straight-sided bong is an excellent entry point for those who aren’t entirely comfortable with how to hit a bong correctly. Then, there are those whose lungs are acclimated to water pipes and would instead use a more advanced gadget. Even then, there are misunderstandings surrounding how to fill a bong with the perfect measurement of water.  

Bong Prices

Bong prices vary for each item. In most instances, glass bongs range from as low as $10 a pop to as high as $100, but quality and manufacturing are at the centre of these prices. However, the low prices presented on Marijuana Packaging are intended for wholesale. The wholesale purchase price means that dispensaries that cop bongs in bulk can mark these up for much higher. 

Below, we’ll break down a few of your options. 

Bongs For $10 Or Under

There are many options for bongs under $10 that will leave customers utterly satisfied with their purchase. Of course, these primarily cater to basic needs rather than anything overly complex. However, they also have some pretty cool designs. The straight-neck acrylic bong comes in two options — a pink skull design that stands at 6 inches tall and a neon green egg bong that’s 8 inches high. Then, the frosted rasta glass beaker water pipe is 6 inches tall but packs a punch.

Bongs For $25 Or Under

You’ll have to pay if you want more class and personality. Fortunately, these bongs are still accessible, especially for those under $25. The selection in this category includes acrylic and glass options, many of which with intricate features and designs. For example, a honeycomb perc with a bent neck provides excellent hits every time. While this stands 9 inches in height, other smaller options are equally effective, such as the 5-inch glycerin coil mini beaker. 

Bongs for $50 Or Under

Some enjoy more giant bongs with percolators, honeycombs, and multi-chambers, which is when you start inching towards the $50 mark. However, the options for bongs under $50 include some impressive pieces with magnificent glass art. Vortex perc glass pipes with a spinning cube provide an elite filtration system that sifts the ash, debris, and toxins from entering your lungs. The bongs under $50 also include unique designs, like the Iridescent Military Tank pipes and the pineapple bongs.

Bongs For $100 Or Under

The best quality bongs on the market are certainly not as easily accessible as the ones mentioned above. Bongs with numerous chambers and percolators that provide the cleanest and smoothest smoke sit above the $50 price point. However, they are undoubtedly worth the investment. Pit Bull’s Z-Neck Glass Beaker with a floral base to its double honeycomb percolator bong are some of the most durable and innovative water pipes on the market. The bongs under $100 will typically go above and beyond the standard of water pipes with complex designs and features to make each hit as memorable as the last. 

Why Does My Business Need Bongs?

Some studies suggest that the hype around bongs is dying down as we witness pre-rolls and vaporizers’ dominance in the market. However, cannabis bongs are one of the most trusted tools that are more popular than ever. Despite these studies suggesting bong use has declined, many smokers still prefer using water pipes before a joint or a vaporizer. Because of this, they remain incredibly profitable, especially since they can be marked up much higher than the purchasing price. Ultimately, every cannabis business should provide its customers with options for bongs.

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