Martha Stewart Unveils Her New CBD Wellness Topicals Line

Martha Stewart Unveils Her New CBD Wellness Topicals Line

Martha Stewart CBD recently launched a new line of CBD Wellness topicals. This is the company’s initial venture into the topical market. Stewart founded the firm back in 2020 under the Canopy Growth Corporation. 

Before launching the new topicals, her brand was already selling CBD-infused gummies, products that have become popular in the cannabis industry. It also had additional products that included soft gels and oils that are infused with full-spectrum CBD. 

The new topical products are specifically designed to cover a variety of issues. 

For better sleep, the Sleep Science CBD Cream has aroma-technology essential oils such as vetiver and lavender. 

Consumers can use the Super strength CBD Cream for quick muscle recovery, which contains powerful co-actives, including ginger and magnesium.

Lastly, the Daily De-Stress CBD Cream for stress management has aroma technology essential oils such as ho wood and neroli.  

Stewart has entered the CBD skincare market at a very opportune time as the industry is projected to reach $1.7 billion by 2025

Creating the formulas took the collaboration of Stewart, the Marquee Brand, and Canopy Growth Corporation. Martha Stewart CBD doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality. 

Dr. Anna Persaud, the Vice President of Skincare & Topicals at Canopy Growth, said that the topical line is most suitable for the CBD-curious who want to achieve a particular goal.

Additionally, Persaud also stated that they worked with Stewart to improve daily well-being by tackling common areas such as stress management, sleep support, and muscle recovery. 

Stewart believes that most of them have simple yet effective solutions for skincare problems. This is actually why she teamed up with Canopy Growth to create the line of CBD Topical Wellness. 

Unlike other products that are solely made with CBD, Stewart’s topicals have proven to be effective. They use full-spectrum CBD that is melded with other co-actives and aromas. Hence, the result is much better and more efficient. 

Studies have shown that CBD effectively treats various conditions, including paranoia and anxiety that THC induces. Consequently, products that are made from cannabidiol are flying off the shelves. 

The 2018 Farm bill transformed how CBD items are regulated. The changes played a huge role in the success and popularity of the CBD industry. It also increased the overall sales of glass dab rigs and other accessories that are used for cannabis concentrates.  

Stewart established her audience earlier in her life. According to the Academy of Achievement, she has influenced how Americans eat, decorate their homes, and entertain compared to any other person in our history. 

Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Topicals have a very competitive price per milligram and would be available in 20 mL, 50 mL, 150 mL sizes. Pricing is available through Canopy Growth’s online store

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