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The Different Types Of Bongs & Percs Available On The Market

The Different Types Of Bongs & Percs Available On The Market

Bongs come in various shapes and sizes, colors, and designs with multiple attachments. They’ve significantly evolved since their inception. Each of them worked with the same functions — water in the base, a bowl, and the neck. However, new technology and innovations refined the experience. The entire premise of smoking with bongs is for cleaner and more potent hits. The water in the base of the bowl creates a filtration process that removes impurities from the smoke. 

The world of bongs is vast; sometimes, knowing which is right for you is difficult. The challenges could surround personal preference, smoking habits, and numerous other factors. Some bongs exist solely for home use; then, there is a fleet of far more portable options. Then, the variety of attachments facilitates the smoking experience, from percolators to ice catchers.

Some people need a starter kit, one where they can comprehend and perfect how to fill a bong with the right amount of water. Below, we’ll explore the numerous bong options available, from the material to the body type and the special attachments available.



Though more affordable, acrylic bongs provide durability and security for smokers. These are great beginner bongs for anyone learning how to hit a bong. At the same time, these are also incredibly lightweight. Though many prefer other materials, acrylic bongs do the trick. Acrylic bongs are available as straight bongs, as well as gas masks. 


Quality bongs need quality material for manufacturing, which is why glass bongs reign supreme. Glass bongs are more fragile than acrylic. Still, they provide some of the cleanest hits among any bong. These also are far more compatible with different attachments and available with numerous features, like ash catchers and double chambers. 

USA Glass

USA Glass is hard-crafted quality bongs that many water pipes enthusiasts are fond of. Not only are they made in America, but the glass is also much thicker, and the durability of these bongs is unmatched. Though they can be a bit pricey, it’s well worth it for anyone who enjoys a good bong hit. 



You can’t find a bong that’s as common as the beaker bong. These come in various sizes, from as small as 5 inches to as tall as 14 inches. Beaker bongs have wider bases, which hold more water and ultimately provide an efficient filtration system. Additionally, it gives an enormous hit with better effects.

Circular Flask

Circular flask shapes are a commonly available bong that boasts similarities to the beaker in function. Due to the large base, it carries more water and has better filtration. The mouthpiece is a bit more narrow, which makes each hit significantly stronger. 


Straight-sided bongs are relatively common among most smokers. With a long neck, it provides a direct toke that goes straight into your lungs. These are an excellent option for beginners as they’re easy to handle. It also includes several attachments to elevate the experience.

Novelty & Gas Masks

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing option, there are novelty bongs with various shapes — skulls, pineapples, snowmen, and many more. These also provide solid tricks and can typically be cleaned the same way you would any other bong. 

Perc Types 

Percolators in bongs help cool down your product before it enters your mouth. The diffuser can also help make the toke much smoother than it would be otherwise. Several different types are available in the market, and sometimes, you can find several percs in one bong. However, we broke down a few of the most common ones on the market. 

Honeycombs & Showerheads

Honeycomb percs consist of flat discs in the neck that include dozens of holes. The small holes help filter the smoke without slowing down. It’s a common percolator used to allow cool down the smoke and create a better filtration system. 

Tree Percolator

A tree percolator looks like a tree inside of your bong. These trunk-like pillars in a chamber further filter the smoke before it enters your mouth. 


The vortex bong, also known as cyclone bong, is a swirl that sits inside the chamber and acts as a double filtration system that is also incredibly cool to see. The smoke goes through the cyclone-shaped filter and allows the smoke to cool down before reaching the mouthpiece. 

Special Features

Ice Catcher

Ice catchers are one of the most popular features of a bong that allows ice to sit in the neck. This feature cools down the smoke while providing a much smoother hit.

Double Chamber

This is for experienced smokers only. The double chamber provides two down stems. Each chamber connects to the other, allowing smoke to pass through for an even bigger hit. At the same time, it also filters the smoke through before reaching your mouth.

Should I Get A Bong?

By now, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive look at the various bongs available on the market. Though some still debate between bongs v.s. joints, this breakdown should show that there are many different bongs for every type of smoker. So even if you smoke joints, having a bong around is always a good idea.

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