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Top Ten Strains To Grow Outdoors 

Top Ten Strains To Grow Outdoors 

The holidays have come and gone and our sights are officially set on spring! Planting your genetics for your outdoor season is both an exciting time and a time for thought. As we reminisce about last season and our cover crop has done its job through winter we now prepare ourselves for the exciting new season ahead. 

Selecting the top ten strains for outdoor cultivation involves considering various factors such as adaptability to different climates, high yield potential, flavor profile, ease of cultivation, and resistance to pests, diseases, and weather conditions.

We want to think outside the box, but we also want to be sensible in our strategy. That said, we have curated a no bulls*** list of the top ten outstrain for spring!  To help guide you into your 2024 season with possibility and end the year on the highest note! 

We have some go-to classics, some new novelties, and some hybrids worth leaning into. So without further Adieu let’s check out this season’s lineup for Best Strains to Grow Outdoor 2024! 

Blue Dream: Coming in hot at the top of our list is an old-school dream boat we had to represent. Blue Dream is a  sativa-dominant hybrid, renowned for its high yield, resilience to outdoor conditions, and ease of cultivation. It boasts a sweet, berry-like flavor, offers a balanced high, and there is a reason after all these years this strain is still making a name for itself. 

Northern Lights: A totally classic Indica strain that we know and love for its robust aroma, personality, and adaptability. Northern Lights is a clearcut favorite among outdoor cultivators for its resilience to pests and diseases while still yielding some biga** spicy and sweet buds. 

Amnesia Haze: How could we not mention Amnesia Haze for the best outdoor strains? Though it has a longer flowering time, Amnesia Haze is worth the wait. You are consistently reaping the rewards from this strains’ high yields, potent magical powers, and sativa-leaning buds. Its citrusy, earthy flavor profile and uplifting effects make it a popular choice to add to your rotation every season. This strain has the looks and uniqueness to always hit the top shelf.

OG Kush: This OG Indica-dominant hybrid speaks for itself. It’s of course, prized for its powerfully potent effects and an earthy, piney flavor. OG Kush is relatively easy to grow outdoors and can withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Durban Poison: Originating from South Africa, Durban Poison is a resilient sativa strain known for its high resistance to mold and pests. It offers a sweet, spicy aroma and delivers a clear-headed, energizing high.

White Widow: A cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica, White Widow is a versatile strain more than perfect for outdoor cultivation. A household name for good reason we have to mention this dense-producing, trichome-covered classic. Its versatile nature, pungent earthy flavor and uplifting effects just begs cultivators to keep planting this outdoor strains for decades. 

Critical Kush: This potent indica-dominant hybrid combines the genetics of Critical Mass and OG Kush, its in high yields of dense, resinous buds are a match made in heaven. Critical Kush is relatively easy to grow outdoors, with simple nutrient feeds and a little bit of love you will easily reap the rewards you want. Not to mention it’s relaxing, sedative high makes this strain a winner in outdoor cultivation. 

Jack Herer: Named after the legendary cannabis activist, Jack Herer is a super sativa-dominant strain celebrated for its epic outdoor growth and resistance. Jack Herer holds its own against pests, diseases, mold you name it. It has been a powerhouse in the game for forever and it is a safe bet to lean into for your outdoor rotation. It features a spicy, herbal flavor and provides an invigorating, creative high that everyone knows is high-quality every single time. 

Green Crack: Formerly known as Cush, Green Crack is a sativa strain that makes the top ten strains to grow outdoors. Green crack is cherished for its vigorous growth and extremely high resin production. It gives off a tangy, fruity flavor and delivers a cerebral, energizing high ideal for daytime use, which sets it apart from other outdoor favorites.  

Sour Diesel: I mean come on, it’s Sour Diesel! This strain is legend for outdoor cultivation. Its sativa-dominant nature is favored for its strong, fuel-like aroma and potent, uplifting effects. The nose on this strain is so gassy and enjoyable it makes your outdoor look indoor. While Sour Diesel thrives in outdoor environments and produces generous yields of resinous buds with a citrusy, skunky flavor it also stands alone in its ability to steal the hearts of cannabis consumers old and new. 

Of course, these strains only scratch the surface and give us a glimpse of the strains that thrive for outdoor cultivation. Each strain choice offers its own unique blend of characteristics suited to different preferences and growing conditions. 

With experimentation and exploration, you will find your favorite outdoor strains to grow depending on your style and environmental conditions. 

Let it be noted that mixing it up, and carrying more than a few varieties will help you find the best outlets for your harvest and what works best for your outdoor garden. 

Don’t be afraid to try new strains and push your limits! That is what outdoor is for! No risk, no magic. Happy Planting!

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