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Best Strains All Time

Best Strains All Time

As the dynamic weed industry continues to grow, expand, and change we are pushed to adapt. Although things may be ever-evolving some strains remain legends throughout it all and these genetics are what we like to call “The Best Strains of All Time!” 

If you have been cultivating, working, or simply smoking weed for any longevity there is no doubt you have come across some particularly perfect pot. Let’s narrow down the facts and take a look at the most popular strains of all time and what got them their name in the record books.

From insanely high THC content, massive yields, show-stopping physical attributes, and legacy leaders there is no question as to why these strains have been dubbed the dopest dope you’ve ever smoked. 

Bruce Banner #3

Perhaps less obvious than the others on our list, but in no way less popular is Bruce Banner #3. Basically, if Bruce Banner #3 was a stealer of hearts she would be the Pamela Anderson of pot. An iconic hybrid strain that is cleverly crossed with fan favorites OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, its high THC content ranging from 20%-25% make Bruce Banner #3 one for the record books. Bruce Banner #3 is a one-hitter quitter, which makes sense because this strain is named after “The Hulk.” 

While providing a euphoric and relaxing high, its sweet and fruity aroma and pain-relieving properties make it a well-rounded fan favorite. There are a number of reasons why Bruce Banner #3 is on the “Best Strains of All Time List.” For example, its rocket-fuel aromas, deeply loved limonene terpene profile, and extremely high THC content really seal the deal with this strain. 

Commonly known as the MOST potently tested strain in the history of the High Times Cannabis Cup, Bruce Banner #3 hits up to 28% THC! 

Chem Dawg

Selecting this strain was a no-brainer! In the present era, Chem Dawg stands out as the progenitor of countless Cup-winning strains. This show-stopping genetic surpasses all other strains and notably gave rise to the iconic OG Kush (and consequently all its variations.) 

When we think of household names like Sour Diesel and Stardawg, and the array of hybrids stemming from Chem Dawg we can’t help but be in awe of this strain’s genetics. Chem Dawg succinctly captures its unparalleled influence in the realm of cannabis breeding as an Indica-dominant legend. This strain is consistently heavy yielding in all cultivation environments from indoor to outdoor making it a solid choice in every run. 

With an insanely pungent nose, diesel-like aroma, and a name that echoes over generations Chem Dawg is always dressed for the occasion. Chem Dawg dates back to the 90’s Grateful Dead Tour and the magic didn’t stop there, this strain continues to carry its legacy on in our favorite future strains to this day. 

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain that provides an energetic and uplifting effect. Though it is an iconic East Coast cut that is a cross between Chem Dawg, Northern Lights, and Skunk No. 1 this strain was never good at keeping itself a secret. 

Sour Diesel like its name has a diesel-like aroma and is known for making consumers feel fabulous, alert, and focused. Between Sour Diesel’s flavor, aroma, and luxurious luster of effects, there is no way we couldn’t side with this strain as an all-time legend. Its capacity to steal the hearts of every smoker in the game, along with its resilience in the garden, and its straight-up iconic and noteworthy name make this strain an easy pick for this list. 

Sour Diesel has lab-tested at the highest THC levels at numerous Cannabis Cups since 2012 and continues to show its strength. Perhaps more popular on the East Coast this strain has continued to make a name for itself for decades. 

White Widow

You got this one right! White Widow is a forever favorite in the world of weed. 

Originating from a cross between a bada** Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica this world-renowned hybrid has the flavor and soul of pure earth baby! Stealing the show and winning Cannabis Cups across the world since 1995, White Widow dates back decades. 

She gets her name from her blanket of frosty trichomes and is only getting better with age! Its short flowering time and adaptability to indoor and outdoor environments make it extremely appetizing to consumers and cultivators alike, but its distinct physical attributes are what makes White Widow truly one of a kind. We can’t boast about this strain enough, which is why it will forever be on the “Best Strains of All Time List” regardless of where you get your information. 

Other Popular Strains

We didn’t want to think we forgot about all the friggin miraculous marijuana strains that are out there, so let it be noted that genetics like Gorilla Glue #4, Wedding Cake, AC/DC, and all those incredible Kushes and Sherberts hold a special place in our hearts and for good reason. These strains continue to push boundaries in the business and are an amazing choice to smoke and grow from season to season. 

The Bottom Line… 

Weed is just good ain’t it!? Though Bruce Banner #3, Chem Dawg, Sour Diesel, and White Widow continue to steal the show year after year, there are so many top contenders in the realm of cannabis and for that we are grateful. From top-tier THC levels to impeccable physical attributes, wildly exotic aromas and flavors, and massive yields, the opportunities to grow and smoke great weed are endless! Do yourself a favor and set yourself up for Spring with the best of the best strains in the game.

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