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Marijuana Packaging's Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Marijuana Packaging's Holiday Gift Guide 2018
Holiday Gift Guide Blog Banner The Winter Wonderland never looked as green as it does in 2018 with so many states (and our neighbors to the north, Canada) legalizing recreational cannabis this year. It’s the perfect time to share the love and we’ve made it easier for you with the Marijuana Packaging Holiday Gift Guide. And, in the spirit of the season, we’re going to tell you all about it in poem form:

Twas Marijuana Packaging’s festive gift guide With products displayed with great care and pride Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned connoisseur, All were bound to find something, for sure….

Gifts Under $20

Gifts under 20 dollars, great for associates, Include some convenient yet thoughtful vape kits, Carved wooden pipes both novel and hearty, And a gas mask bong that’s the life of the party, The discreet Smoke Buddy that reduces weed smell And a bubbler pipe for smoothing your hits well. That’s just the beginning, we have plenty more There’s plenty under 20 when you’re a wholesale store…

Gifts Under $50

Then we’ve got gifts for under 50 bucks, Like a Twisty glass blunt for the smokers deluxe, A nectar collector and glass water pipes, And a new CCELL Palm for discreet vaping types. You like concentrates? Well, we’ve got some dab rigs, And a skillet tool kit that you’re bound to dig. Gifts under 50 dollars great for better friends, There’s even more in this section if you’ve got five 10s…

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers of potent smoke and vapors Lit by the glow of 24K gold rolling papers, A one hitter pipe and a dugout pipe to spark, Then a third chillum pipe that glowed in the dark Herb grinders, glass dabbers and pre-rolled cones All to be found in the stocking stuffer zone…

Beginner Stoner

Our Beginner Stoner section for those new to the leaf Has a plethora of deals well beyond belief. We have a vape pen battery of voltage variable, Glass hand pipes so cute you’d wish they were marriable, A dab torch for generating maximum heat, And a rolling tray for rolling joints tightly and neat, Beginners dab rigs at unbeatable prices, All manner of smoking gadgets and devices, We’ve got a smoke kit and some vape kits too, Everything that you need for when you’re starting out new…


Canna-connoisseurs really live the lifestyle, The 420 ethos, do you fit the profile?  These products are high end, the top of the market, Get your gifts here and you’ll be right on target. We’ve got an enail, an electric dab nail, That’s compact and safe and will never fail. A magnet rolling tray crafted from bamboo. A 12-arm wax rig that you’ll stick to like glue. A portable vaporizer to vape on the go And a bubbler pipe for smoking smooth and slow. Humidipak models to keep your stash fresh And impress all your friends at the next big smoke sesh.  Take some time, have a look through this connoisseurs’ section, For more premium items that escaped my detection…

Cannabis Lovers

Our Cannabis Lovers section for Mary Jane’s sweethearts Includes items for those who see weed as an art: Advanced dab kit models and vape kits for pros Who will be so impressed with the gifts that you chose. For edibles, the Magical Butter Machine, Glass blunts and quartz bangers keep your hits serene, We’ve got some hand pipes cooled with glycerin And a showerhead wax rig that will make your head spin, Glass water pipes and solution for cleaning, A hammer bubbler pipe that stays stable when leaning. Our Cannabis Lovers section has all this and more, Now let’s see what we’ve got for the weed connoisseurs…

On the Go

In this busy season, you can understand, It’s lovely to sit and smoke but life has demands. For those on-the-go smokers and, yes, vapers too We devote this part of our Gift Guide to you. Here you’ll find portable vaporizer models To keep you light and lifted when you’re running full throttle. Pipe case designs that lock in all those scents While keeping your piece from being shattered or bent. And glass hand pipes so quaint and discreet That still have the power to knock you off your feet!


Our novelty section mixes quality with smiles, With discreet stash cans designed to beguile, Herb grinders like skulls or poker chips for good luck, And a yellow carb cap that looks like a duck, A glass Sherlock pipe that gives off a glow, A wooden pipe that is fashioned to look like a pharaoh, A wax rig that resembles a fish in a tank, Are just a few of the items in our novelty bank…

With so many people awaiting your gifts, And so little time between your work shifts, Get Marijuana Packaging’s Gift Guide on the case And you can find all of your gifts in one place.  No matter the holiday, no matter the reason, We wish you high times in this magical season. 


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