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The A to Zs of Hemp

The A to Zs of Hemp

Hemp is quickly becoming one of the most sought after plants that can be used for almost anything! This incredible plant really does have the potential to change the world. So, what is hemp made of? Hemp is the cannabis plant that does not have intoxicating levels of THC. After the cannabis plant has gone through the cannabis growing stages, every part of it (seeds and stalk) can be used for a myriad of products. 

We are going to delve into the A-Z answers to what is hemp used for, why it is so special, and how it is making an impact. While we are going through 26 reasons to put hemp on your radar, there are never-ending options to this incredible plant. 

Animal Feed

What are the uses of hemp? Several studies, including ones conducted by Kansas State University and Oregon State University, have pinpointed hemp as a promising source of animal feed. Hemp is a great source of crude protein and it is believed it could be a nutritious and non-hormonal alternative for cattle, poultry, and livestock. 


We all know the scourge that plastic bags have brought on our ecosystems and the environment. Why not add hemp usage in the form of making bags? Hemp is strong and can be used to make hearty bags while helping the planet!


As time goes on, consumers are choosing clean makeup and cosmetic products for their skins’ health. Using dispensary supplies like the process of cold pressing can be used to make cosmetics like moisturizers, sunscreens, and other make-up products. 

Dairy Products

Okay, so technically hemp can be used for non dairy products, but you get the point. Hemp makes vegan dairy products that are creamy, delicious, and can be used just like you would regular dairy products!

Everyday Uses

This might sound like a “gimme”, but the importance and versatility of all the uses of hemp cannot be understated. Hemp can be used for the most mundane of things that affect everyday life (just use this list as an example!) and hopefully hemp begins to truly appear consistently in all products. 


There’s no other way to say it: hemp should be the future of our fuel. Studies have pointed to the statistic that 6% of the U.S. ‘s hemp farm land could be used to replace fossil fuels and nuclear power. In theory, we should be able to completely fuel our society with hemp. 


The question of what is hemp used for is also answered with clothes! Hemp allows for sustainable, breathable fabric. In fact, the word “canvas” actually comes from “made of cannabis”. As the fashion industry moves to more sustainable materials, hemp is sure to hit the runway. 


We can’t use ‘H’ without mentioning the namesake itself. This is the opportunity to again make it known that the uses of hemp extend far and wide. The rebirth of hemp is definitely not something to be overlooked. 

Industrial Products

Industrial hemp uses are rising as companies find new, sustainable ways to reduce their negative environmental impact. Uses of industrial hemp include hemp concrete, insolation, and home building materials. Industrial products are sturdy and pound for pound stronger than even steel! There’s no doubt hemp is the future of industrial products. 


Hemp makes for some great jeans! Hemp jeans are odor and water resistant. They get softer after every wash but are also durable. Your new favorite pair of jeans is sure to be made of hemp!

Kid Care

Hemp is an amazing and safe way to make products for the kiddos. Kid care products like diapers, nutrition, and toys are all nontoxic options to use for children. 


In 1937 all cannabis cultivation was deemed illegal (even though founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson grew hemp). It wasn’t until the Farm Bill of 2018 that hemp was removed from the controlled substances list. Loosening laws are extremely exciting, because it means that the uses for hemp are going to continue to expand. 

Men’s Products

Men’s products like shaving cream, aftershave, and cologne all can be made from hemp. Hemp-based products are less irritating to the skin and provide more nature-based men’s products. Next time you’re in the self-care aisle, make sure to grab some hemp-based products!

New Advances 

Due to those loosening restrictions on hemp, the new advances in the industry are mind-blowing! Even ten years ago the idea of making diapers or concrete with hemp was almost nonexistent. If you are interested in hemp, following the new advances this amazing plant will provide is a must. Every day new opportunities arise about what can hemp be used for.


Organizations passionate about how to store weed as a business and answering “what are the uses for hemp?” are incredible assets to industries and us as consumers. U.S. Hemp Roundtable and National Hemp Associations are just two examples of organizations that work with farmers and industries to propel the use of hemp forward in every industry. 


We might not think about paint being sustainable, but we should be. Traditional paint has Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These fumes are terrible for us and the environment. Making paint with hemp-oil is a sustainable way to paint without harming ourselves or our environment. Plus, hemp paint is durable and dries quickly!


Like with any product, the quality of hemp and hemp products matter. Knowing how to grow cannabis and how to keep marijuana fresh are important parts of growing hemp that can be effective. Before using hemp products or making any, make sure the quality is trusted and verified. 


Who doesn’t need some nice relaxation every now and again? While hemp doesn’t have large amounts of THC, it does contain CBD. CBD is most associated with its relaxing properties; hemp oils, lotions, and tinctures can provide almost instant relief and relaxation, both physically and mentally. 


Hair care is important, so look no further than hemp shampoo. Hemp shampoo is gentle and companies that produce it often leave out chemicals that can strip your hair. Adding hemp products to your shower will leave you with noticeably healthier hair!

Tree Savers

One of the reasons why it’s so important to know about hemp plant uses is because transitioning to hemp-based products will end up drastically reducing deforestation. Hemp can be used to make many, many things that trees are used for, including paper, work corks, and sponges. Using hemp for tree-based products will end up saving the trees. 

Urban Life

Hemp can be a great resource in urban city life. For example, hopefully we will begin to see city community gardens that welcome growing weed with natural light. Hemp growth can provide opportunities for communities to come together to create small businesses that help the local economy. 

Vegan Products

We’ve already discussed hemp dairy products, but all products that use hemp have the ability to be completely vegan. This includes no animal testing and animal byproducts within what can be made from hemp. More and more consumers are moving away from products that do not have a vegan component (like animal testing), and using hemp to provide this is an amazing opportunity. 


Hemp and weed are the same plant, but the main difference is the THC level. While weed is generally thought of as the part of cannabis that gets you high, hemp does not have that effect and has less than 0.3 percent of THC in it. When asking what does hemp do, it’s important to note it does not have the “high” effect that weed does. 


It’s really hard to find ‘X’ words, okay? But hemp has the X-factor for X-ponential growth! As more people become aware of exactly what is hemp used for, there is more support behind the exponential aspects of the plant. More industries are beginning to research and implement hemp, which will continue to grow the opportunities hemp provides. 


The natural nutrition hemp has will no doubt infiltrate the food market. Grinding cannabis in bulk and using the hemp to create yummy products like chocolate, shakes, protein bars, etc. is a delicious way to use hemp. 


The zeitgeist of how to use hemp plants is becoming more mainstream everyday. The attitudes of the time (aka the zeitgeist) surrounding hemp are exceedingly positive. As laws change to allow more access, there is no doubt that hemp uses will leave a lasting mark on our products, industries, and the world.

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