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The Top 4 Best Packaging Tips

The Top 4 Best Packaging Tips

Creating attractive packaging that protects your products is of the utmost importance. Packaging attracts people often before the product itself does. Have you ever heard of impulse buying? The immediate attraction to a product’s design can result in higher sales, especially if the packaging is also adequate.

Cannabis packaging is as important as the products you sell. You can have the most excellent cannabis in the world, but if the design doesn’t pop, it might not sell. It’s an unfortunate reality that many companies must face, along with dealing with the rigid framework for keeping compliant. Ultimately, this is an area that many businesses should work on, especially as cannabis grows as an industry. Cannabis legalization is inevitable, whether this year or the next decade, but there’s no better time to prepare for the future than now. Trial and error are bound to occur when trying to find a suitable packaging and marketing strategy; the results will be worth it once done correctly.

Businesses need to focus on several key points when packaging their cannabis. Some are more technical, like understanding local regulations for multi-state distributors. At the same time, it also requires a deep comprehension of marketing psychology and creating effective packaging. 

What Type Of Packaging Do I Need?

The packaging you use will depend on the market you’re catering to. Since cannabis hasn’t reached federal legalization, each state has guidelines and rules surrounding packaging requirements for each product (I.e. glass cannabis jars, plastic pill bottles, etc.). In most cases, companies must use child-resistant packaging, but then, it’s a matter of what type of technology is appropriate. Whether looking at mylar bags for cannabis, pill bottles, or tin boxes for edibles, you should be fully aware of what can fly in the state you’re selling in.

Tips For Packaging 


Customers need to feel your brand. Not in the sense of physical touch but that feeling when something, visual art or music, resonates with a person. That attraction can lead to building a loyal customer base. Customers can tell when a brand isn’t necessarily authentic to their true selves, which can have a detrimental effect in the long run. So, ensuring your logo designs and your company’s feeling align is imperative. People should be able to quickly identify your brand when they see your products on shelves. Finding an attractive cannabis packaging design that also allows your brand to pop out is necessary. 

Quality Material

Not only does the packaging need to be attractive, but it needs to be effective. Though each state will tell licensed sellers what type of packaging they’re allowed to you, it’s up to each business to acquire suitable materials. Ultimately, cheap packaging that’s flimsy and lacks durability will undoubtedly leave a bad taste in the mouths of your customer. Other brands put significant thought and resources into curating an experience for their consumers. So, if you’re looking for pre-roll packaging, make sure it can store the product and provide additional smell-proof security. Your packaging needs to be durable and last long while serving its practical duties to conceal cannabis. 

Remaining Compliant 

It’s necessary to stay up to speed on compliance regulations in your jurisdiction. These can often change regularly, leading to confusion and fines for those who breach the rules. Child-resistant technology and tamper-evident packaging are becoming uniform across all legal states, but even then, you mustn’t be using faulty products. Even if you’re looking for custom weed bags, ask your supplier for certification that proves each package has undergone professional testing to ensure its safety. 


Even though cannabis is legal, stigmas are still attached to the plants. Not as much as the years prior, but even with more acceptance, many still would rather keep their consumption habits to themselves. Using discrete methods is critical when you’re looking into designs and packaging solutions. It’s possible to create compelling packaging that stands out without being rambunctious. There are ways to have packaging that both stands out while remaining discrete of the contents inside. For example, some businesses ensure they have a solid colour, like black, wrapped around custom weed jars. This prevents light from getting inside and helps make your product look ambiguous. Businesses must consider this, especially in states where there’s more of a grey area rather than a legal market.

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