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Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones

Indulge in a flavorful smoking experience with our flavored pre-rolled cones. Available in a variety of delicious flavors, these cones add a tasty twist to your smoke. Offered at low wholesale prices, you can explore a new world of taste with every puff.


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POP CONES | 1 1/4 Size Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones | 84mm - Tropical Mango - 400 Count - 1POP CONES | 1 1/4 Size Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones | 84mm - Tropical Mango - 400 Count - 2

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Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones

Elevate the smoking experience by packing in flavored pre-rolled cones with your favorite cannabis strains.

We all know that the average paper cone does the trick when you need to smoke, but sometimes, you need a little something to spruce it up. That’s where flavored weed cones come into play. These are the best way to bring a bit more taste to pre-rolled joints, whether the dispensaries that sell them or for personal use at home. There’s an array of flavors on the market to appeal to your sweet tooth, and they pair excellently alongside equally tasty strains. For example, Strawberry Jam flavored cones and Wedding Cake strain is practically a dessert in a joint.

There are plenty of flavor cones on the market, and they’re an excellent choice for businesses to have on shelves. For cannabis operators and dispensaries rolling in-house pre-rolls, flavored cone papers are an even more significant selling point to consumers. Not everyone enjoys the taste of plain white papers or hemp cones. Using flavored cones for weed takes traditional papers and brings them to a new playing field.

If your business wants to bring a new, exciting product onto shelves, you have to stock up on flavored pre-rolled cones. The best part is that flavor cones are entirely organic, made with 100% vegan-friendly materials. We have an array of flavored weed cones that use 100% earth-based materials and are chemical-free for smokers who want clean smoke.

Marijuana Packaging is the #1 spot to find all of your cannabis packaging and dispensary supplies. Whether you’re looking for pre-roll joint packaging or flavored cones, we have an abundance of choices to stock your place of business with everything you need.

What are Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones?

Flavored pre-rolled cones are rolling papers that have been formed into a cone shape, ready to be stuffed with cannabis. These are a game-changer in the cannabis industry, and smokers can finally bypass the whole process of having to roll up. Once you add a sweet and tasty flavor to the joint, you have a smooth burn with a sweet aftertaste.

Flavored cones are simply variations of the true-and-tried methods of rolling papers into a cone form. However, cannabis technology has shifted beyond the usual approach to flavored papers. So, with the variety of flavored weed cones available, the sugary taste is far more refined and complementary to the weed. Many of the flavored weed cones do lean towards the sweeter side. However, they aren’t overbearing.

What Flavors are Available for Pre-Rolled Cones?

While there are a few brands for flavored weed cones, Pop Cones is one of the unique choices because of its incredible technology. Most flavored cone papers have fruity tastes lathered on the gummy and the paper itself, but Pop Cones flavored cones rely on an innovative method that dispenses flavor through the filter. Popping the flavor bead activates the aromas and tastes, absorbing them into every toke.

Pop Cones has four different flavors: Super Sweet, Tropical Mango, Strawberry Jam, and Banana Cream. Each of these flavors is available in various sizes and units. Flavor cones from Pop Cones that come in 1 1/4 and king-size units with boxes available in 24 counts (retail display, 3 per pack) and 400 counts. The retail box is perfect for smoke shops and dispensaries to upsell at the cash register. The best usage for 400 counts cones is for bulk pre-rolls. These flavored cones for weed are also compatible with any cone filling machine.

If you’re looking for tasty wholesale pre-rolled cones in the array of flavors that Pop Cones boasts, then you’re in luck. We have plenty of options for different flavored pre-rolled cones and other cannabis accessories.

Where to Buy Flavored Cones for Weed Wholesale

Businesses looking to elevate their inventory with flavored pre-rolled cones have come to the right place. Marijuana Packaging is an industry leader in cannabis supplies, whether you’re looking to stock up on retail display flavored cones or find the perfect size joint tubes to package them in.

There should be not a single doubt in your mind that your business needs to get on board with the flavored cones trend. Pop Cones, specifically, allows smokers to get all the great flavors of their cannabis and the pop bead with a discreet look. The brand’s line of flavor cones only uses unbleached brown paper made from organically-sourced material. It’s the best way to stay vegan-friendly while adding a little sugar into the everyday smoking routine.

Marijuana Packaging is committed to delivering high-quality dispensary supplies to our customers. That begins with the moment they place their order. We have a live chat feature to answer questions promptly. However, we’re also here to answer any questions via telephone or email. You can rest well at night stress-free knowing that you’re getting orders at the best prices possible when you shop with Marijuana Packaging. Our price-beat guarantee allows customers to get all of their supplies and accessories at better prices than any other online wholesale supplier. If that wasn’t enough, we also ensure that your orders are brought to you fast. Our same-day shipping comes in handy, especially when your business is running low on supplies and needs to stock up quickly.

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