Boveda Humidity Control Packs - Slim - 62% - 1,500 Count

Product code: 24423

$0.31 per unit

$475.00 per case

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Dry buds are no fun. These Slim (1 gram) boveda moisture packs are exactly what you need to control humidity for your marijuana buds, cigars, tobacco, and a variety of other smoking products.  Ideally used for smaller stashes, you can rest assured knowing the boveda packs’ patented 2-way humidity control technology eliminates humidity spikes and the slightest fluctuations in humidity. A surefire solution to prevent your product from losing any precious oils, character, or flavor. 

  • $0.32 per unit 
  • 1,500 units per box 
  • Size: 1.6" x 1.6" 
  • Shelf Life: 2 years 
  • Lasts 2 weeks in a container that is frequently opened and closed 
  • Keeps up to 1/8 ounce or 3.5 grams of flower moist  
  • Fits in a pre-roll tin, vial, exit bags, and most medical marijuana packaging 
  • Replace when pack begins to get rigid