Massachusetts - Maine THC Triangle Labels - 1" x 1" - 1,000 Count

Product code: LABEL-MA-THC-1X1

$0.02 per unit

$23.99 per case

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Make sure your cannabis product meets the most current rules and regulations ordained by the state of Massachusetts and Maine with these state compliant “Contains THC” warning stickers. These stickers are precisely sized at 1” x 1” to adhere to state compliance and emblazoned with the sanctioned red triangle surrounding a black cannabis leaf. Failure to strictly follow the laws for cannabis packaging in the state of Massachusetts and Maine can lead to heavy fines, so make sure your product fits the criteria the first time around by using these stickers. Each of these rolls contains 1000 marijuana warning labels.
  • 1" x 1" inches
  • $0.019 per unit
  • 1,000 Count
  • MA compliant
  • ME compliant