98 Special & King Size Cone Loader w/ Scraping Card & Bamboo Poker

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Not all of us were born with the gift of rolling a tight J; some of us need a little help. There’s no shame in that! Actually you can look downright stylish when you’re using this King Size Cone Loader from RAW, the most trusted name in rolled gold. With your trusty loader, you can guarantee that you get every sticky morsel of weed into your cones. It’s actually a pretty simple process using the combined efforts of a dustpan-like loader (emblazoned with the ever-reliable RAW logo), a non-stick scraper, and bamboo poker. When the finished product comes out looking so fine, no one’s going to care that you had a little help.

RAW products are well known and respected in the cannabis community! The brand makes fun and reliable products, which is why we offer some of their best products.

One of these incredible products is the RAW cone loader. This cone loader can work for two sized cones: the 98 Special and King Size. These can either be hand-rolled paper or pre-rolled cones. RAW cones are incredible, but feel free to use any cones as long as they are the right size!

With all the tools you need, this RAW loader kit is the best of the best! The cone loader is a three-piece set, including a tray that tapers into a holder for the cone. The second part is a RAW cone packing tool made out of bamboo. A non-stick scraper also comes with the loader and the packing device.

How To Use The RAW Cone Loader

This RAW cone loader is fast and straightforward to use, making it a huge hit. Even so, we never want to be accused of not covering our bases! Here is a step-by-step on how to use the cone loader!

  1. Place either a 98 Special or King Size cone into the RAW loader with the cone opening facing the tray part of the loader.
  2. Fill the cone with your favorite strain! It may be helpful to stand the RAW cone loader machine with the tray end facing you and tilt the loader side-to-side when placing the cannabis inside!
  3. Scoop any additional cannabis on the tray side with the non-stick scraper to add to the joint.
  4. Use the bamboo RAW packing stick to pack the marijuana in the cone as tightly as you want. If you prefer to load and pack as you go, you’ll use the bamboo poker to your heart’s content!
  5. Once filled, remove the joint and twist the top to close the cone.
  6. Now the best part: smoke your well-earned joint!

Why You Need The RAW Cone Loader Kit

The simple steps are not the only reason you need this joint loader! The roll-your-own cannabis community knows that rolling a tight cone is easier said than done, and if you have ever struggled with rolling–we all have–this is the best cone loader for you! Beginner rollers can easily use the RAW loader all the way up to the experts!

The RAW loader is the perfect device if you need to fill your cone quickly! Like a pre-roll machine, this RAW cone loader is much faster than hand rolling. It will save you time, and you can pack a 98 Special or King Size in seconds, making the loader perfect for the cannabis consumer on the go.

When using the RAW loader, you are also saving marijuana. Using the cone loader, scraping card, and bamboo poker together will allow you to get the most out of your herb and not have any of the sticky goodness go to waste! Struggling to hand-roll a cone or even fill a pre-rolled cone without a loader will result in spilled weed–unlike spilled milk, that is something to cry over.

If you are a smoke shop or dispensary business, this RAW cone is perfect to offer to your customers. Customers will love the aesthetic of the sleek black tray paired with the bamboo stick. The kit looks classy and understated and is sure to catch customers’ eyes. Offering the loader kit can increase your sales since you are providing a unique product that appeals to everyone who loves a good joint!

This is one of the best joint loaders for personal and business use, and with our competitive prices, you can buy one without breaking the bank! Get ready to load cones the most efficient way–the RAW cone loader will look good while you do!

  • King Size Cone loader
  • Bamboo poker
  • Non stick scraper
  • Easy to use
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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use, great price, fast delivery

Sheryl B.,
Sweet and simple

A great tool. The bigger one works with all sizes of cones.

Jacob H.
Nice loader

Functions well

Bobbi Frisby
It’s not fancy, but it does the job!

The title really says it all.

Clayton C.
Good stuff

Good stuff

Heidy R.
Works great. Great price.

Works great. Great price.