This child-resistant Safely Lock Surelock Plastic Container allows you to present cannabis flower to your customer in a completely unique package. Plus, the container's round, flat lid is the perfect surface for your logo or brand. Our in-house custom design team will work with your established branding, or create a new logo with you.

These containers keep marijuana and edibles fresh while locking in odors. The large container can hold up to 10g of flower, the small container holds up to 6g.


  • Customize it: Our in-house Custom Design Team can work with you to make these containers exclusive to your brand. Get a quote in 24 hours.
  • Child Resistant: The squeeze-lock mechanism is easy to open for adults (it only takes a finger and thumb), yet it’s fully child-resistant.
  • Stackable: The Surelock container was designed to interlock, allowing them to be stacked on top of each other during production, shipping, and in display cases.
  • Reusable: Surelock containers were designed to be reused over and over. A great feature if your logo is on it.


The Surelock is currently available in 2 sizes:


  • Diameter: 72.6mm
  • Height: 31.75mm
  • Fits 6g of flower


  • Diameter: 77.4mm
  • Height: 43.6mm
  • Fits 10g of flower

MOQ: 5,000 Units

Cancer and Reproduction Harm -

Custom Safely Lock Surelock Plastic Container

Large and Small - White Plastic