Size 0 Clear Gelatin Capsules - 1,000 Count

Product code: 22016

$0.02 per unit

$24.00 per case

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Clear gelatin capsules can mend the discord between bad tasting herbal supplements and living a healthy lifestyle. With 1,000 units per order, these specialized, size 0 capsules allow the user to fill them with any herbal supplement or powder that they want, while at the same time, providing a safe, cool, and dry place for storage. Clear gelatin capsules also meet a wide range of certifications and standards of safety including Kosher, Halal requirements, and a host of vegetarian and non-GMO certifications.

Disclaimers: Filling capsules with liquid may result in pill capsules dissolving Refrain from contact with sunlight, hot water, or high temperatures Doses are dependent on the density, amount and type of material you use to fill the capsules

  • Size: 0
  • $0.024 per unit
  • 1,000 units per order
  • Gelatin capsules
  • Color: Clear