Straight Sided Glass Jars | 63mm - 10oz - 36 Count

Product code: GB10OZ-CJ

$0.69 per unit

$25.00 per case

Price Beat


Glass containers at wholesale pricing, it does not get any better. Our 10-ounce glass wholesale jars are the perfect packaging solution for storing all your medical marijuana or recreational cannabis.  These jars are a staple for many dispensary owners and producers looking to display their product. They help boost presentation and offer a unique type of packaging for your medical or retail dispensary.  

Our glass containers are made with Grade A pharmaceutical glass to ensure satisfaction on every purchase. Also, fully customizable with ample space to add your logo onto the jar surface or cap.  

  • $0.69 per unit 
  • 36 units per case 
  • Fits up to 14 grams of flower or dry bud  
  • Airtight, Moisture-Resistant, and Odor-Proof Design 
  • Neck Outside Diameter w/ Thread: 61.8mm 
  • Neck Outside Diameter w/o Thread: 60.0mm 
  • Neck Inner Diameter: 51.8mm 
  • Neck Height: 12.2mm 
  • Body Height: 97.7mm 
  • Base Diameter: 66.1mm 
  • Measure from top finish to top edge of the first thread: 2.9mm