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What Are Percolators And What Do They Do in a Bong

What Are Percolators And What Do They Do in a Bong

Avid bong users can attest that percolators are the key to an elevated smoking experience. These accessories have become increasingly popular in the cannabis community, especially with the continued legalization of adult-use cannabis. Their ability to filter smoke and make it smoother has made them a must-have among die-hard bong fans.

However, not all water pipes come fitted with a percolator. Fortunately, if you already have a bong, there’s probably no need to replace it since you can attach a percolator to most of them. Still, acquiring a bong that already incorporates a percolator is the best way to get the most value for your money.

While percolators have been a staple in the weed community for some time, newer tokers may still have questions about them. Perhaps the most prevalent one is, what do percolators do? If you have similar questions, you’re in luck because this guide will highlight everything you need to know about bong percolators.

What Is a Percolator?

A percolator or perc is a component for bongs and dab rigs that aids in cooling the smoke. They help make the smoking experience much smoother by preventing consumers from inhaling harsh smoke and coughing. Consequently, these tools have become quite popular among beginner and seasoned bong users alike.

Another common question among new tokers is, what is a percolator bong? Essentially, the word percolator can refer to the part itself or percolator bongs, which come fitted with percs. Although water pipes already have numerous benefits over other smoking accessories, percolators improve them significantly. 

What Does A Percolator Do In A Bong?

Percolators play several roles. They prevent water from splashing into your mouth, cool down smoke, and add another level of filtration to help consumers get a smooth hit. This brings us to the next question; how do percolators work?

Essentially, a percolator acts as an additional water chamber for your bong. In most cases, they are within the tube component of the water pipe. Even so, some bongs with cool designs may have these parts on different areas of the device. 

When you use a water pipe without a perc, smoke only goes through the water once. Although this filters and cools it down, some consumers may still find the smoke too harsh. Moreover, even the best bongs aren’t 100% sufficient in filtering impurities.

However, when you have a percolator in your water pipe, the smoke travels through multiple layers of filtration. As a result, this provides enough time for thoroughly purifying smoke and allows it to cool down entirely before inhaling it. 

What Are The Various Types of Percolators?

Now that you know what percolators are and how they work, it’s time to highlight some of the various types of percs you can find. There are dozens of different percs available in the market, including the orb, megaphone, matrix, honeycomb, inline, and much more. Here are a few of the most prevalent ones in the industry.

Tree Percolator

As the name suggests, tree percolators have a resemblance to trees. They consist of several rods that branch out like twigs and are connected to a central tube at the top. Air comes through the pipe and down through the rods, with slits that maximize diffusion by forming bubbles. Tree percolators are usually in glass bongs and are more fragile compared to other percs in the market.

Showerhead Percolators

These percs utilize a tube that’s connected to the main chamber. When you inhale, smoke is pulled up through the tube and pushed out via a rounded base that looks like a showerhead with numerous holes or slits. These openings are of different sizes to maximize diffusion and promote efficiency.

Inline Percolators

Inline percolators are perhaps the simplest and easiest to understand. They are horizontal tubes with numerous slits that maximize the formation of bubbles and diffusion. In most cases, the slits are located at the bong’s base, allowing the device to accommodate a complimentary percolator above it. 

Bong Percolators: The Bottom Line

Percolators have been a game-changer in the cannabis community by allowing consumers to get cleaner and smoother bong hits. They can significantly improve your smoking experience and fit in various water pipes, from bongs shaped like beakers to straight tubes. For this reason, anyone looking for the softest bong hits should check them out.

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