60% Of Cannabis Consumers Say They’d Like To Get Lit With A Grandparent

60% Of Cannabis Consumers Say They’d Like To Get Lit With A Grandparent

Edibles company Azuca recently released “Consumption Habits in Americans and Cannabis,” a survey showing nearly two-thirds of cannabis consumers want to toke with a grandparent, Leafly reported. The survey, which covered a few other topics, as well, drew answers from a sample of 1,089 people aged 18-60+ of varying income levels from all across the United States.

The good news for those who are looking to light up with their elders? You may just find out that grandma and grandpa are already way ahead of you. Those grandparents are likely part of the Baby Boom generation. And what did that generation stereotypically do during its teens and early twenties? One look at Boomer cinematic milestones Easy Rider or Woodstock should tell you: they smoked weed.

Of course, not all Boomers can be lumped together. Some Boomers were more “Close To You” by the Carpenters than “Are You Experienced” by Jimi Hendrix. Not to mention that not all grandparents are Boomers. The survey included people in their sixties. Their grandparents would be Depression Era (the first one, back in the 1930s). Maybe some of them were real hep cats who toked reefer with Louis Armstrong, but probably not the majority. Marijuana prohibition has been around for a long time and the War on Drugs did a lot more than over-criminalize people of color for cannabis infractions (something that still happens to this day); it also scared a lot of people out of their minds that cannabis was a dangerous and addictive drug.

Interestingly, Boomers and Millennials use marijuana similarly, with only a few differences. Boomers are more likely to use cannabis for medical purposes compared to about 50% of millennials who say they use marijuana for recreational reasons. Both generations said relaxation was their top reason for recreational consumption. Azuca’s survey reported that 58% of respondents believe “cannabis is the future of pain management,” as well.

As cannabis is continually destigmatized and more seniors are turning to cannabis for relaxation, sleep aid, pain management, etc., it becomes easier to broach the subject of sharing a gummy or firing up a pre-roll nana and pops.

Plan Thanksgiving a little differently this year. Before the big meal, ask your grandparents to join you and your cousins for some “fresh air.” If you tell them, “Don’t Bogart that joint,” they’ll love you for it, and you’ll have formed a new bond. The only downside, with more appetites piqued, there’s sure to be fewer leftovers.

If you have a grandparent or older aunt or uncle who is particularly “crafty,” you could show them the ins and outs of using water pipes, though that can be a lot even for some regular cannabis consumers. A great stocking stuffer for your in-the-know older relatives could be a tin of cannabis-infused espresso beans or other infused sweet treats, which they may be more willing to try than anything smokeable.

At the end of the day, you may find you share more in common with your grandparents than you ever could’ve imagined.

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