Apple Bong

How to Make an Apple Bong

How to Make an Apple Bong

The cannabis industry is full of innovative accessories like bongs and cannabis pipes for consumers to enjoy their favorite strains. However, these tools may not always be available. That’s where creative smoking techniques like apple bongs come in. 

What Is An Apple Bong?

As the name suggests, an apple bong or apple pipe is a homemade weed-smoking pipe constructed from an apple. It is a simple solution when you find yourself without a cannabis pipe, rolling papers, or other smoking accessories. 

DIY projects for smoking accessories, such as making a gravity bong or apple pipe at home, can be incredibly beneficial. For this reason, any avid smoker should learn how to make them. 

How To Make An Apple Pipe

Materials and Preparation

To make an apple bong, you will need the following items:

  1. A medium to large-sized apple
  2. A poking tool like a pen or a small knife
  3. A piece of aluminum foil (optional)
  4. A lighter
  5. Your favorite cannabis strain

Before you begin, make sure to wash and dry the apple thoroughly. Doing this will remove any pesticides, dirt, or wax that could interfere with the smoking experience.

Step-by-Step Guide: Crafting the Apple Bong

Step 1: Remove the Stem

Twist and pull the stem out of the apple, ensuring that the top remains intact. This will create a natural weed bowl for your apple bong.

Step 2: Create the Apple Bowl

Gently carve a hole in the top of the apple where the stem used to be using a poking tool. Make it about half an inch deep and slightly wider than the diameter of your pen or small knife.

Step 3: Make the Mouthpiece

On the side of the apple, carve another hole that connects to the hole you created in Step 2. It will serve as the mouthpiece for your bong. Be careful not to completely puncture the apple or make too large a hole, as this will impede the smoking experience.

Step 4: Create the Carb Hole

Carve a third hole on the opposite side of the apple from the mouthpiece. This hole should also connect to the central chamber to function as the carb hole. It will allow you to control the airflow while smoking.

Step 5: (Optional) Line the Bowl with Foil 

If you’re concerned about the apple getting too hot or the cannabis sticking to the apple, you can create a makeshift screen by molding a small piece of aluminum foil to fit the apple bowl. Make sure to poke several holes in the foil for proper airflow.

How to Smoke Out of An Apple Pipe

Once you finish creating your apple bong, the next step is using it. First, grind your cannabis to your preferred consistency and fill the apple bowl. Be careful not to overfill it.

After that, place your lips on the mouthpiece, cover the carb hole with your finger, and light the cannabis. Inhale the smoke and then lift your finger from the carb hole to clear the chamber. Exhale and repeat.

Benefits of Using an Apple Bong

There are several advantages to using an apple bong. Here’s a look at some of the most significant benefits of apple bongs.


Apples are biodegradable and can be composted after use, making this method an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable smoking devices.

Flavor Enhancement

The natural sugars in the apple can impart a unique, fruity flavor to the smoke. 


Apples are readily available, and the materials needed to make an apple bong are minimal. For this reason, this method is a convenient option for people in desperate situations and could be an excellent alternative to cheap bongs.

The Bottom Line 
Creating an apple bong is an easy, eco-friendly, and creative way to enjoy your favorite cannabis strains. Although a glass bong would be a more suitable smoking device, apple bongs can easily take its place when unavailable. They can be just as functional as other cool bongs in the market and provide unique experiences.

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