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How to Make Water Bottle Bong

How to Make Water Bottle Bong

Many cannabis consumers have experienced the frustration of having some weed but no way to smoke it. Fortunately, the marijuana community is full of creative people with innovative ways to solve such problems. There are numerous alternatives to conventional smoking accessories, like glass bongs, that tokers can utilize when they find themselves in a tight spot. 

You can opt to make a gravity bong or an apple bong if you have enough household tools. Still, of all the makeshift smoking devices you can create, homemade water bottle bongs are arguably the most practical. Our guide explores everything you should know about these devices to help you understand how to make a water bottle bong.

What is A Water Bottle Bong?

A water bottle bong is a DIY smoking apparatus made using a plastic water bottle and a few other common household objects. It operates similarly to a classic weed bong, using water to cleanse and cool the smoke before inhalation. Although they might not be as visually appealing or sturdy as unique bongs, water bottle bongs present a feasible and budget-friendly option for those who may find themselves in a desperate situation or smoking on a budget.

Essential Components for Crafting a Water Bottle Bong

To build your water bottle bong, you’ll need the following items:

  1. Plastic water bottle (optimal sizes range from 500 ml to 1L)
  2. Pen or marker (for making holes)
  3. Scissors or a sharp knife
  4. A downstem and bowl (either store-purchased cannabis smoking bowls or homemade alternatives)
  5. Lighter or matches (to ignite your herbs)
  6. Water (for filling the bong)

A Step-By-Step Guide for Creating a Water Bottle Bong

Once you have assembled your materials, you can begin constructing your water bottle bong. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a water bong. 

Step 1: The Water Bottle

  1. Drain the water bottle and eliminate any labels or stickers.
  2. Use a pen or marker to sketch a small circle approximately one-third from the bottle’s base. This will serve as the opening for your downstem.
  3. Cautiously carve out the circle using scissors or a sharp knife. Be mindful of potential injuries.
  4. Make a carb hole on the other side of the bottle opposite the downstem opening. 
  5. Pour water into the bottle until it reaches one-third to halfway full.

Step 2: Make the Downstem and Bowl

  1. Find an appropriate tube for your downstem, such as an emptied pen, a metal tube, or a glass tube.
  2. Make a bowl by creating a small indentation in a bottle cap, aluminum foil, or another compact, heat-resistant item.
  3. Secure the bowl to the downstem’s top using tape or adhesive, confirming that the connection is both firm and airtight.

Step 3: Assembling the Water Bottle Bong

  1. Insert the downstem into the water bottle’s hole, ensuring a tight and airtight connection.
  2. Ensure that the bowl is firmly attached to the downstem’s top.
  3. Fill the bowl with your preferred herbs, avoiding overpacking.

Step 4: Using Your Water Bottle Bong

Once you’ve crafted your device successfully, it’s time to learn how to smoke out of a water bottle. 

  1. Grasp the water bottle with one hand, covering the carb hole with your finger.
  2. Use the top of the water bottle as your mouthpiece.
  3. Ignite your herbs using a lighter or matches while gradually lifting your finger from the carb hole.
  4. Inhale the smoke through the water bottle’s top opening.

The Bottom Line

Smoking weed in a water bottle may sound absurd when you first hear it, but it all makes sense once you understand how it operates. Learning how to make water bottle bongs can be a helpful DIY venture when you lack smoking accessories like a pipe for weed or affordable bongs. Our guide provides an excellent roadmap for any weed fanatic who wants to stay equipped for any situation. Using it can help you find a way to enjoy your favorite herbs when you have no other options.

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