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Two Michigan Dispensaries Are Giving Out Free Pre-Rolls for Blood Donations

Two Michigan Dispensaries Are Giving Out Free Pre-Rolls for Blood Donations

As the United States faces a severe blood and plasma shortage, two Michigan-based dispensaries are taking up the mantle to address this issue. Starting last week, Greenhouse of Walled Lake and UBaked Cannabis Edibles are offering free pre-rolls to anyone who comes in with proof that they donated blood/plasma. A simple bandaid or sticker can do the trick; once presented, as long as the customer is over 21, no purchase is required.

The founder and owner of Greenhouse of Walled Lake, Jerry Millen, explained his reasoning for the free pre-rolls, saying, “Our state and country continue to be in crisis, and we are asking people to go out and donate…Their generous donations may allow someone to have surgery or even save their life.”

This is not the first time dispensaries have taken the initiative by offering free cannabis products. A year ago, Greenhouse of Walled Lake also rolled out their “Pot for Shots” program, where the company provided pre-rolls to anyone with proof of a COVID vaccination. Last October, an Arizona dispensary, The Mint Cannabis, traded new or gently used bras for a free pre-roll to help promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for support services. This holiday season saw several dispensaries giving back to their communities with toy drives and monetary donations.

Last year two other Arizona dispensaries, Oasis Cannabis and Copia/Ogeez, partnered with the American Red Cross. This was the first partnership of this kind in the nation, and participants were offered a $10 Amazon gift card, a pack of Ogeez gummies, or a pre-roll for their donations.

Greenhouse of Walled Lake and UBaked Cannabis Edibles hope that promoting the free pre-rolls can encourage the turnaround of the worst blood and plasma shortage in Michigan in ten years. Millen himself stated he would donate blood and plasma to support others. If you or anyone you know who loves cannabis lives in the Michigan area, let them know about the amazing opportunity they have to make a difference.

If you do not live around those two dispensaries, no problem! You can make an online reservation at the Red Cross blood donation website linked here. You can also keep an eye on local dispensaries in your city or state to find similar programs like the ones mentioned in this article.

Potential donors should not be discouraged if they are regular cannabis consumers; even if someone has THC in their system, they can still donate since all donated blood must go through a filtration process.

A pre-roll is a pretty sweet trade-off for helping others, especially given the dire circumstances of blood shortage right now. With dispensaries like Greenhouse of Walled Lake and UBaked creating promotions like this, the cannabis community can hope to see similar, uplifting programs in the future! 

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