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10 Cannabis Terpenes and Their Medicinal Values

Terpenes are an organic compound present in plant life that produces the specific smell and flavor of a plant. Weed has a wide range of scents and tastes largely due to over 120 varieties of terpenes estimated to be found in marijuana. Terpenes are constantly being produced by plants and are very easily vaporized by heat. But smell and favor aren’t the only benefits produced by terpenes and the third benefit is arguably the most spectacular. Cannabis terpenes facilitate physical effects on the body, which contribute to what each specific strand of marijuana can do medicinally.

01. Borneol

This terpene smells earthy, like camphor or even menthol. It’s a strong analgesic pain killer that relaxes and reduces stress, alleviates insomnia, and helps with breathing by relieving pressure in the lungs and increasing air flow. High amounts can be found in haze strains like K13.

02. Limonene

A terpene that produces a citrusy smell and flavor that helps to treat and prevent cancer. It encourages weight loss and can be used for gallstone treatment. It also helps with bronchitis. This terpene is considered to be uplifting, bringing moods up and stress down while also providing relaxation. It’s contained in strains that have the word “Lemon” in their names.

03. Delta 3 Carene

This terpene has a sweet woody aroma and is the ingredient that produces red eyes and cottonmouth or dry mouth that can happen when consuming marijuana. As well as being an anti-inflammatory it’s always used to dry fluids such as runny nose, menstrual flow, and tears. It’s found in many strains.

04. Myrcene

Of all the cannabis terpenes, this one has been found in the most strains. It is a muscle relaxant with sedative properties and is also excellent for relieving pain and inflammation. According to Swiss studies, Lovrin 110 is said to be a strain that contains 65% myrcene.

05. Pinene

This terpene has a pine flavor and smell that keeps you more alert. It’s also used as an anti-inflammatory. It’s a terpene that is found in many strains. A study of 16 strains showed a notable presence of pinene in all of them.

06. Linalool

A somewhat floral smelling relaxant, this terpene excels as an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anticonvulsant. It can also aid in matters of motor function. Some studies also show it to be beneficial to those with liver cancer. Amnesia Haze is said to contain this terpene.

07. Alpha Bisabolol

This terpene is also found in chamomile and has a floral smell and taste. It is an anti-inflammatory that is good at healing wounds and fighting bacteria. The Oracle strain is said to boast high levels of alpha bisabolol.

08. Cineole

A terpene with a distinctive herbal flavor and aroma, cineole is most obviously present in high amounts in the Super Silver Haze strain. It is basically used as an anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-nociceptive which makes it a highly powerful pain killer.

09. Terpineol

This terpene is specifically found in Jack Herer and Jack crossbreeds. It’s found in many herbs and could have a floral or pine smell and flavor. It’s used for its sedative and antioxidant properties.

10. Caryophyllene

The terpene caryophyllene is basically hops, as cannabis and hops are cousins. Hops is the main ingredient in beer. This terpene is known for properties of anti-anxiety and can be used as an anti-depressant. Soil grown Train Wreck is said to contain 33% caryophyllene.

Understanding cannabis terpenes can help you to find the best strain to suit your needs. This helps to make the best use of medical marijuana and get relief for yourself and loved ones. It’s so much easier to medicate when you know what’s in your medication!

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