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Dr. Dabber Offers Discrete Sophistication with These 4 Refined Vaping Solutions

Dr. Dabber Offers Discrete Sophistication with These 4 Refined Vaping Solutions - Marijuana Packaging
Dr Dabber Offers Discrete Sophistication with These 4 Refined Vaping Solutions For those of us who find vaping concentrates to be the perfect prescription, Dr. Dabber has become a household name. The portable vaporizer company, based in Las Vegas, was established just a few years ago in 2013 but has already made huge strides to stand atop the vape game. We talked at length about the flash and pop culture appeal of Kandypens a few weeks back but Dr. Dabber’s success comes through a series of increasingly inconspicuous designs merged with smooth, sophisticated style. Today, we’re going to give an overview of some of our favorite Dr. Dabber products. While Dr. Dabber is all about a mature, refined vaping experience, make no mistake that, like any visit to the doctor, these particular models are certain to turn your head, grab you by the balls, and make you cough.

1. The Aurora: The 2017 Norcal Cannabis Cup Pick for Best Vape Pen

dr dabber aurora portable vaporizer The Aurora is probably the alpha dog of all the impressive Dr. Dabber wax pens, even netting the coveted 2017 Norcal Cannabis Cup award for best vaporizer. What’s the secret to the Aurora’s magic tricks? Magnets. We’re specifically referring to the patented SnapTech feature that bypasses all the time spent screwing parts together in favor of surprisingly secure magnetic closures. The mouthpiece and vape atomizer almost seem to fall into place with no hassle. Of course, if you’re into customizing your oil pen with previously owned attachment pieces, you’ll be out of luck since this throws the 501 threading out the window. Dr. Dabber does have SnapTech attachment options available, however. The vape quality is pretty much what you’d expect from a top of the line wax pen. The Aurora is notable for burning low which allows for refined flavor profiles of your favorite concentrates, made even more apparent through the ceramic mouthpiece. The lower temperature means you’ll need to use significant draws to enjoy the Aurora at its zenith. The Aurora oil pen also hooks you up with 3 different vape atomizers, each equipped to work better with specific oil viscosities so you’ve got all angles covered.

2. The Ghost: The Best Vape Pen for Wax Conservation

dr dabber ghost dab pen Lower heat is even more of a central focus of the Dr. Dabber Ghost oil pen which delivers palate-provoking flavor through measured draws. Dr. Dabber paid a lot of attention to coil placement and design when developing the Ghost and it’s reflected in the high quality of the vape experience. The receded coil is positioned low in the chamber to prevent precious oil from leaking down and gumming up your pen. This design feature, missing from a lot of cheap vape pens, conserves your concentrates. You can also count on the improved titanium coil to evenly and efficiently heat your wax for flavorful plumes of vapor. The Ghost keeps things nice and simple so it works well as a reliable introductory model. Beginning vapers that are daunted by a plentitude of temperature settings don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by the Ghost. It also comes equipped with 2 atomizers so you’ll have a good couple months of vigorous vaporous diversion.

3. The Boost: Dr. Dabber Delves Into the E-Rig World to Stunning Results

dr dabber boost e-rig While Dr. Dabber specializes in vaporizer technology, they aren’t strictly tethered to it as illustrated by The Boost, the company’s take on a portable dab rig. This e-rig relies on a rechargeable battery so you can leave the butane torch at home. Obviously, an e-rig won’t be nearly as svelte as an e-cig but the Boost is still fully portable and convenient. Lower temperature settings are available for tastier plumes or just if you want to get a handle on how this mobile vape pipe works with just a sample size of concentrate. If you’re looking for a “too good to be true” aspect to this electronic dab rig, it would probably be that you can really tear through the battery if you’re not careful. But rest assured that replacement batteries are readily available. It also comes with quartz, titanium and ceramic nails so you’re covered no matter your preference.

4. The Light: A Nearly Cigarette-Sized Portable Vaporizer

dr dabber light mini oil pen The Dr. Dabber Light mini-vaporizer takes doctor-patient confidentiality seriously with its ability to pack so much potency into a design that is literally just slightly larger than your average cigarette. Yes, this is the ultimate in inconspicuous vaping technology making it the best dab pen for those that like a bit of privacy. The Light is basically housing a miniature version of the same coil found in the Ghost within its miniscule frame. You may suffer a somewhat tighter draw with the Light and it won’t be able to house as much concentrate as a normally sized oil pen but these are minor inconveniences traded off for the benefit of its clandestine nature and easy portability. It also takes no time to heat up, making it a favorite for discrete vapers.

UPDATE: Did Dr. Dabber Just Make Vape History with Switch?

Back in June, Dr. Dabber released its most ambitious piece since the Boost e-rig. Dubbed the Dr. Dabber Switch, this new portable vaporizer offers a means of vaping dry herb as well as concentrates. Speaking with Forbes recently, Dr. Dabber’s chief engineer David Petryk explained how induction heating was integral to their latest creation. “By utilizing induction technology with our unique design, we can maximize the effects of vaporization by precisely controlling your heating profiles and directing the airflow to maximize the activation and vaporization of the compounds,” he pointed out. A weed vape pen that can actually vaporize flower without any combustion at all is pretty much the Holy Grail of the vape community. So, yes, if Dr. Dabber has created a versatile flower vaporizer that’s also a portable concentrate vaporizer capable of rivaling the best vape pen for wax, you can bet it’s big news.

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