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What are Sunrocks?

What are Sunrocks?

The marijuana industry is not short of unique and innovative techniques for consumers to enjoy their favorite strains. One such ingenious way of consuming cannabis is through sunrocks. These marijuana products have created a buzz in the cannabis industry for their immense potency. Our guide highlights everything you need to know about these goods, including what are sunrocks, how to make them, their benefits, and potential drawbacks.

Understanding Sunrocks

One of the many questions people have about sunrocks is; are sunrocks a strain? The short answer is no. Sunrocks are not a cannabis strain per se, but rather marijuana buds with high THC content dipped into cannabis concentrate. Only top-shelf cannabis buds and extracts are used to make sunrocks. Therefore, to make your own sunrocks at home, you need to understand what concentrates are and be able to pick the most potent ones.

Sunrocks vs Moonrocks

Many weed users mistake sunrocks for cannabis moon rocks, although there are substantial distinctions between the two. Both products are made by coating cannabis buds in concentrates and kief. However, sunrocks typically utilize higher-quality cannabis. On the other hand, moonrocks can be created using any grade of marijuana buds, kief, and different types of concentrates

Similarly, the physical appearance between moonrocks and sunrocks is different. Sunrocks are often drenched in cannabis concentrate with only a thin layer of kief. In some cases, tokers don’t even use kief, which gives them a sunnier appearance. Furthermore, sunrocks appear amber in color, while moonrocks are a whitish-gray due to the thick layer of kief.

How Sunrocks Are Made

Creating sunrocks for weed involves several steps, beginning with picking high-quality cannabis buds. Next, these buds are coated with a layer of cannabis oil. Doing this increases the potency and enhances the flavor profile of the final product. Finally, the oil-coated buds are rolled in a thin layer of kief, creating a power-packed product that boasts THC levels of up to 80%. Even so, some people prefer not to use kief to preserve its sunny appearance.

How to Smoke Sunrocks

Understanding how to smoke sunrocks properly is essential for ensuring you make the most of your highly potent nugs. Although smoking sunrocks may seem simple enough, there are numerous factors to consider before sparking up. One such crucial consideration is how you prepare your sunrocks.

While tokers typically grind marijuana before smoking it, using a weed grinder on sunrocks is not recommended. The distillate and kief coating on the sunrocks will get consumed by the grinder or make a mess. Instead, cutting up sunrocks into small chunks with a utility knife or pair of scissors would be a better way to go. 

Experts recommend using glass, such as a bong, or different pipes for weed to smoke sunrocks. Attempting to roll them into a joint or blunt may be extremely messy and time-consuming. 

Potential Drawbacks and Precautions

While sunrocks provide an intense high and an unparalleled cannabis experience, they are not suitable for everyone. The high THC content may prove overwhelming for novice users, and even experienced consumers should be extremely cautious when consuming sunrocks. 

In Conclusion

Sunrocks have emerged as a high-quality, ultra-potent cannabis product that offers a unique experience for marijuana users. Even though they may not be for everyone, those seeking an elevated cannabis experience may find sunrocks the perfect addition to their repertoire. Now that you know what sunrocks are, always ensure that you consume them responsibly. 

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