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Best Ways to Smoke Weed: A Full List

Best Ways to Smoke Weed: A Full List

The growing popularity and widespread legalization of cannabis have prompted enthusiasts and novices alike to explore the various ways to enjoy the plant’s effects. There’s no shortage of means to partake in marijuana, from old-school methods to modern innovative techniques. 

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, all these choices can seem quite overwhelming. Even so, understanding what each one entails can help you make a calculated decision when selecting an ideal weed consumption method. Our comprehensive guide delves deep into the different ways to smoke weed and provides excellent tips on how to smoke weed for the best experience.

Smoking Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

A paper joint, or simply a joint, is the best way to smoke marijuana for most casual weed consumers. Smoking joints is one of the oldest methods of weed consumption and has remained popular over the years thanks to its simplicity. Similarly, it’s a practical, affordable, and accessible way to enjoy your favorite cannabis strains since all you need is rolling papers and some marijuana. Smoking joints is also an excellent way to consume weed for most on-the-go users since they are lightweight, discreet, and disposable.

On the other hand, cannabis consumers use blunt wraps to roll blunts. Blunt wraps are essentially tobacco leaf wrappers. This method provides an added kick from the nicotine in the wrapper. Similarly, spliffs also offer a more elevated experience, thanks to nicotine. They are essentially joints that have been rolled using both weed and tobacco.

This segment would be incomplete without noting the differences between joints, blunts, and spliffs. While joints only contain marijuana, blunts use tobacco wrappers, and spliffs combine tobacco and marijuana in the roll. For this reason, spliffs and blunts are usually more common among seasoned users.

Marijuana Pipes

Using a pipe to smoke cannabis is another practical and prevalent age-old method of consuming marijuana. Weed pipes come in various materials like wood, glass, and metal. They are pocket-sized and easy to use since all you need to do is pack the bowl with ground weed and light it up. 

Bong to Smoke Weed

A bong is a water pipe that filters and cools the smoke before it’s inhaled. Using a bong to smoke weed provides a smoother, cleaner hit than most other methods. Bongs can range from simple to intricate, depending on their features and how they are manufactured. Of all the different ways to marijuana, bongs arguably have the smoothest smoke, allowing users to take large hits. As a result, they are more popular among seasoned smokers looking to elevate their experience. 


Another excellent way to consume weed is by using bubblers. A bubbler is essentially a cross between a pipe and a bong. They are similar in size to a normal weed pipe but have a chamber for water that allows for cooled and filtered smoke. These tools marry the portability of a cannabis pipe and the benefits of water filtration to provide consumers with the best of both worlds. 


Vaping using vaporizers or vape pens has become increasingly popular in the cannabis community for its discreet nature and potential health benefits. Essentially, a vape pen heats marijuana extracts like cannabis oil just enough to release THC without combusting it. As a result, this leads to a cleaner inhale without the harmful byproducts of burning weed.


For those seeking a more potent hit, dabbing is the way to go. A dab rig heats a small amount of concentrated cannabis oil or wax to produce an intense vapor. It’s worth noting that due to its potency, dabbing is best approached with caution by beginners.

Chillum One-Hitter Pipes

A chillum one-hitter pipe is an excellent choice for those who want a quick, discreet hit. These smoking accessories resemble small tubes and are loaded with a pinch of weed for a single hit.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best way to smoke weed is a personal journey, as preferences vary based on the desired experience, setting, and even cultural background. Whether you’re an old soul sticking to the traditional paper joint or a modern enthusiast exploring the latest in vaping technology, there are myriad ways to savor the marijuana experience. Remember to always partake responsibly, and enjoy the voyage of discovering your ideal weed consumption method.

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