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Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream is easily one of the most well-known marijuana strains to date. This California girl is a meticulously crafted sativa-dominant hybrid that can’t help but show off its Blueberry and Haze genetics. 

Blue Dream pairs Blueberry’s sweetness with Haze’s uplifting effects with a unique twist of its own personality and style. 

The Blue Dream strain is all about elevating your mood and reducing stress. It is no surprise that Blue Dream is a great way to start your day with creative focus and euphoria. Its buds showcase deep greens and orange hairs, and its generous trichome coat promises a smoking experience that goes beyond the surface.

Between Blue Dream’s blend of sweet berries and earthy undertones accompanied by the aroma that delivers blueberry sweetness with spicy herbal notes, it is truly a unique gem to grow and smoke. 

In Blue Dream, myrcene is the star terpene, giving off an earthy scent, followed by pinene and caryophyllene. These terpenes are known more for their pine and peppery gifts, which adds to Blue Dreams’ allure.

The Blue Dream strain has a semi-moderate THC content that runs between 17%-24% and its smoke induces energy, focus, and creativity, accompanied by a gentle body relaxation. A perfectly wild combination for a day at the beach in California or an artistic night in. 

Reports show that Blue Dream tends to help aid in anxiety, stress, and depression. It is common to find relief from chronic pain, nausea, and fatigue, which adds so much depth to its therapeutic profile. A true medicine that may help ail all your worries in a single puff. Now that’s a strain we can stand behind. 

Cultivation Tips

During the 9-10 week flowering stage, it is important to remember that this strain is a Sativa-dominant with above-average yields. This means for outdoor cultivation you are looking at plants around for feet in height with dense colas.

Blue Dream grows like a Sativa-based strain, so branch support is a must along with low-stress training techniques. Trellising early and training your buds will enhance yields and prevent loss while increasing the overall quality of your buds. 

We recommend installing at least two layers of trellis for Blue Dreams tall plant structure. Furthermore, the Blue Dream strain thrives in a temperature range of 65-85°F for optimal growth making it more adaptable to different climates. Though we recommend outdoor cultivation

 to give your plants extra space to flourish, this strain does well indoors and in greenhouses. This is as long as you maintain a low humidity to prevent mold and stay consistent with your crop. 

The harvest reward is not just in quantity but in the strain’s signature aroma, you’ll find a lovely blend of sweet berries and earthy undertones. It is a brilliant addition to your cannabis strain rotation as it holds an aromatic profile and taste, unlike the others. 

Wrapping It Up….

Simply, let Blue Dream be your daytime pick-me-up! Let it lift your spirits, have you dreaming with your eyes open, and be a simple fuel boost to brighten your day. 

Blue Dream is a coveted strain that has been making waves in the cannabis community for its delicious flavor and aroma, brilliant bud structure, and elevating effects.

When cultivated correctly the Blue Dream strain takes on an element that is so uniquely its own. So whether you are looking for a sophisticated strain for therapeutic relief or a mood boost in your morning routine, Blue Dream might be exactly the strain you’re looking for!

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