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Stash Cans Brilliantly Help You Hide Your Weed in Plain Sight

Stash Cans Brilliantly Help You Hide Your Weed in Plain Sight
Stash Cans Brilliantly Help You Hide Your Weed in Plain Sight Being able to hide your stash can be really important. Even with the country at large getting more and more comfortable with marijuana, a lot of smokers prefer an element of discretion. If you live in a dorm or with other stoners, the need to hide your stash becomes a matter of whether you want to share with everyone all the time. Many college students can’t afford that kind of constant California hospitality! Either way, there are lots of reasons you may need to hide your weed so it’s worth it to explore a few options. Stash cans are a popular way to store your bud but what do you do if one just isn’t in your current budget? You can make your own really easily or use other items that are lying around. Today, we take a look at the advantages of stash cans and 3 easy, DIY alternatives.

1. Stash Cans Hide Your Weed in Plain Sight

ajax stash cans from marijuana packaging Stash cans are a great way to hide weed. They look like ordinary cans of soda or other refreshments but they open up underneath to reveal that they are actually empty hiding spaces. They can be placed in plain sight with no one thinking anything strange is going on. You can also make your own stash can by opening up the bottom of a can using a can opener and cleaning it out. You can then place your weed in the can and use a couple of magnets to hold the lid closed. If that seems difficult, pre-made stash cans can be bought from your local dispensary.

2. Repurposing an Old Coffee Can

empty coffee cans repurposed as stash cans Coffee is often used to clean the palate of the nose when it comes to smell. In fact, coffee beans are often placed near perfume jars or candles so that a person can clear the scent in their nose before smelling something new. For this reason, coffee can make a good hiding place for your stash; it will mask any smells you want hidden. Just wrap up your weed well, preferably in plastic or any other container, and place it at the bottom of a large can of coffee. Just make sure no one else is going to be using that container as well or their morning coffee will be a special Wake ‘n’ Bake blend.

3. Giving New Life to Old Broken Electronics

old broken electronics can be hollowed out to hide your stash Old, unused and broken T.V.s, speakers, game systems, radios or any other old electronic devices laying around can make great hiding spots, especially for hiding larger items like water pipes. Just unscrew your unused electronic devices and hollow out enough space for you to place your weed and paraphernalia.

4. The Old “Book with a Cut-Out Space” Trick

hollowed out books as diy stash cans Books are a great place to hide your weed in plain sight. You will just need to cut a compartment out of the pages. Then you can fill the book with weed, close it up and place it on a shelf. These can also be bought pre made so you may find it worthwhile to search around online for one. It’s best to pick a title that doesn’t seem too interesting. As you can see, it’s easy and cheap to make your own hiding space if you can’t afford the luxury of a pre-made stash can. Whether you use stash cans or anything else you have lying around, the key is to hide it in plain sight where no one will suspect that anything is even out of place.  

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A very informationrmative story and lots of really honest and forthright comments made! This certainly got me thinking about this issue, thank all.

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