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Pre-Roll Sizes: A Full Breakdown

Pre-Roll Sizes: A Full Breakdown

There’s enough weed to pass around, but is there a big rolling paper to hold it all? The cannabis industry took over the rolling paper industry, especially since there aren’t as many people rolling cigarettes as they once did. The cannabis industry mirrors the tobacco sector in that sense. More people are buying pre-rolls than ever, especially since every dispensary boasts a wide range of ready-to-smoke joints. 

Whether you’re looking for pre-rolled cones or a booklet of rolling papers, there are many sizes to choose from. Those who prefer rolling smaller, personal-size joints might lean towards smoking the original single wide that brands like Zig-Zag and Rizlas are known for. Sometimes, you might want something bigger, like the RAW 98 Special cones, which can hold more cannabis. Ultimately, you should factor your tolerance and consumption levels into what pre-rolls you want to buy. For dispensaries and smoke shops, it’s imperative to have a selection of papers for customers to look at because who doesn’t need a pack of papers when they leave their favorite weed-related shop? These businesses could undoubtedly benefit from custom pre-rolled cones that can also serve as a marketing tool. 

Below, we’ve broken down the many different types of RAW cone sizes available on the market and a few other popular sizes that aren’t available by RAW. Still, many of these sizes reflect other brands that carry similar products. 

Mini Pre-Rolled Cones

A growing trend in the market right now is mini joints. Especially when many new smokers enter the cannabis realm, these are a top choice for those who want to get a little high without overdoing it. Dog Walker and Futurola mini pre-rolled cones are 60mm to 78mm in size and provide an excellent option for those who want to smoke a fast one when taking their dogs out. 

1 ¼ Size

If you’ve gone to any dispensary, chances are, they’ve rolled up their pre-rolls available with 1 1/4-size RAW cones. These are the perfect sizes for rolling up small joints, as they’re usually around 76-78mm x 45-48mm. However, according to their website, the RAW 1 ¼ cones are roughly 83mm. The 1 1/4 size cones hold nearly 25% more weed than a single-wide with a usual capacity of .75 grams. These are a perfect size for packs of pre-rolls 

98 Special Cones

Sometimes a 1 ¼ size joint isn’t enough, but a king size seems excessive. That’s where the RAW 98 special cones come in. These are an excellent middle-ground between a small joint and a massive one. The name comes from its 98 mm length, which includes a 26mm tip and can hold 1 gram of weed. Though it might seem like only a tiny amount, it adds more size to your joint. These are undoubtedly becoming more and more popular at dispensaries. Plenty of cannabis brands have opted towards using 98 special cones when they offer one-gram joints.

King Size

The king-size pre-rolled cones are for those who smoke big every single time. These have been a staple in the cannabis community for years. However, king-size RAW cones have undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the marijuana world. The king-size joint comes in at 110mm in length, including the 26mm tip. It provides a smooth smoking experience while packing in 1.15 grams of weed. These are easily the most popular option for pre-roll cones right now, especially with dispensaries and cannabis cultivators selling their joints. The king-size joints have also grown popular due to artists like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y championing these papers throughout their careers.

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