How To Package Cannabis As a Brand

How To Package Cannabis As a Brand

As the marijuana industry continues to gain traction, cannabis product packaging is increasingly becoming a significant issue among weed brands. This seemingly small element plays numerous vital roles for marijuana companies. For this reason, learning how to package cannabis is something all business owners have to master.

Besides protecting products from physical harm, cannabis storage also plays an essential role in shaping a company’s image. Essentially, the packaging is what entices customers to purchase your products. Think of it this way; your product’s packaging is similar to a silent sales pitch that conveys the value of your goods and portrays your brand’s identity.

Unfortunately, many firms overlook this vital aspect and only focus on digital advertising. Consequently, such companies fail to take full advantage of the power that cannabis product packaging possesses. 

Any brand can find the best packaging solution for cannabis products with the correct information. Learning how to keep your weed requires you to comprehend three fundamental elements; product marketing, compliance regulations, and product safety. Here’s an in-depth look at these factors to help you understand how to package cannabis.

Product Safety

One of the roles that cannabis packaging plays is keeping your products as fresh as the day they were harvested. Your packaging of choice must be able to maintain your buds’ potency and flavor until it reaches your customers. Although this may seem a bit daunting, learning how to keep weed fresh only requires grasping a few principles.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the various forms of cannabis have distinct storage guidelines. Consequently, the ideal packaging for storing buds, concentrates, and edibles also differs. This is mainly because of the different chemical structures in these diverse forms of cannabis. Nevertheless, proper storage revolves around maintaining optimal temperature, humidity, air, and light for your marijuana products. 

Cannabis Flower and Edibles

Here’s what to remember when choosing a preferred packaging option for cannabis buds and edibles. They should be kept at a moderate temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Extremely hot environments can dry out the precious terpenes and cannabinoids in your buds, while very cold conditions make them brittle.  

Cannabis flower should also remain in areas of moderate humidity. Intense humidity can cause your buds to grow mold, while dry conditions can make them brittle and harsh when smoked. Using moisture packs can help you maintain the optimal humidity for weed and ensure it remains fresh for longer. 

Moreover, you should keep your marijuana flowers and edibles away from harsh UV lights and direct sunlight. Intense light can quickly degrade your buds and alter the chemical composition of edibles. In addition, ensure your packaging is airtight to avoid exposing your buds or edibles to excess oxygen, which can also degrade them.


Learning how to store concentrates will help you preserve the flavor and potency of your products. Although concentrates and buds require similar environmental conditions to remain pristine, their packaging differs in many ways. When it comes to concentrates, the ideal packaging depends on the consistency of the particular product. 

For instance, shatter tends to stick on glass jars. Therefore, using these storage items will make it challenging to obtain the dab that ends up stuck in the container. On the other hand, concentrates like live resin sauce or budder are easier to scoop out of small glass jars. For this reason, various dabs need distinct packaging containers to ensure optimal protection and convenience. 

Product Marketing

Another essential factor to consider when learning how to package weed as a brand is cannabis marketing. With the marijuana industry experiencing exponential growth over the last few years, there has been an increasing need for brands to stand out. To do this successfully, business owners must understand packaging psychology.

Product packaging is a psychological stimulus that significantly affects how consumers respond to various products. Therefore, the elements that make up packaging can directly affect the success of your business. 

On average, it takes only about 90 seconds for buyers to make a product decision. Thus, brands should embrace creative cannabis packaging techniques to help ensure they make a significant impact on consumers in the shortest time possible.

Although this may seem intimidating, the only thing marijuana companies need to remember is to create a cohesive look that represents their brand in the most psychologically attractive way. Elements like color, typography, shape, and texture evoke different feelings in customers. Therefore, you should find a way to ensure all these factors work together to create the perfect sensory packaging.

It’s also vital for brands to identify and understand their target audience when determining how to package cannabis. A common mistake weed companies make is assuming they serve everyone who consumes marijuana, which is usually not the case.  

With competition in the industry becoming more fierce, companies must find the weed package design that best appeals to their specific demographic. Utilizing brilliant cannabis packaging ideas can help you communicate with your target audience and improve your brand’s sales and outreach.

Compliance Packaging

Another significant factor that brands need to focus on when deducing how to package cannabis is compliance regulations. As with all emerging industries, marijuana firms can expect to see various laws within the cannabis realm. Since weed is not yet legal on a federal level, business owners must keep abreast with local and state regulations concerning marijuana. 

State authorities across all legal cannabis markets have laws that dictate cannabis packaging. Failure to heed these regulations can lead to costly repercussions. Hence, staying up to date with compliance regulations will help marijuana brands avoid such run-ins with the law. 

Furthermore, marijuana compliance laws are subject to regular changes. Therefore, brands should also learn to be adaptable with their packaging to ensure they remain relevant in the market without breaking the law. 

Fortunately, most of the regulations concerning cannabis packaging are meant to safeguard the safety of children and consumers. It’s crucial to keep this in mind when acquiring wholesale smoking accessories and storage containers to avoid altering your packaging whenever laws change.

The Bottom Line 

Learning how to package cannabis is essential for the success of marijuana brands. It helps entice customers to purchase their goods and ensure they comply with various industry regulations. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand how to package your cannabis. The tips and tricks mentioned here can help you package your brand for success.

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