Tips On What You Can Do When You’re Too High On Thanksgiving

Tips On What You Can Do When You’re Too High On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be an emotionally draining time of year, a time for alcohol, close friends and family, and most importantly, food. Even if you happen to have the best relationship with your family, you get to an age where finding yourself wasted and in a food coma while sleeping in your old bunk bed doesn’t always bode well. So rather than keeping the wine flowing, marijuana might be just what you’re looking for to keep things under control. However, if you’re smoking and hiding it from your relatives, getting too high might be incredibly stressful. Although every family isn’t the same, no one wants to be extremely high while having close family ask them about their job or love life. To combat this, here are some tips and tricks to help you get through this awkward situation. 

Drink Water

While it might seem basic, water is imperative when it comes to managing a potent high, primarily if you’re the type of person who gets cottonmouth and may find themselves making odd noises with their mouth during dinner. Drink some cold water to keep you from getting more inebriated. Keep the drink on hand at all times; take periodic sips and get refills as it’ll help you stay calm and grounded and provide you with a sense of time. Eating a snack in between will also help. 

Don’t Freak Out

Don’t, and this is important, don’t freak out. It’s simply a lousy high that’s intensified by your mind – try not to let it ruin your holiday. Follow the other tips on this list, take deep breaths, and remember that you will come down sooner rather than later. Unless you smell like an overwhelming amount of cannabis, people most likely won’t bat an eye. Take a walk before the meal, or hang out in your room for a bit to help you mellow out. However, a walk is deemed most effective because it allows you to change your scenery and get some fresh air. 

Hit The Showers

If there’s any way to sneak away to take a quick shower, do it. Showers have the ability to help you feel calm and provide a safe space for introspection and much-needed perspective. While you’re showering, remember to take a couple of deep breaths. After, put on some fresh and cozy clothes. Although you’ll still be high, the shower gives you true privacy and some space to relax.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

The main reason you even hit the bong in the first place was to chill and enjoy the food. Eat to your heart’s content; Thanksgiving is the perfect cover-up for the munchies. It’s one of the only days out of the year where people won’t think twice about you going for seconds or thirds. After every few bites, engage in what people are saying and compliment the chef every so often. And don’t forget to keep drinking water!

Keep Your Cool

As long as you’re careful, the majority of people won’t notice anything. Try to keep your cool and tell yourself that no one knows the intensity of your high except you. Paranoia is a common side-effect experienced by millions of cannabis consumers but in the end, your mind is just playing tricks on you. If you think someone is asking too many questions or looking at you funny, simply assume it’s due to cannabis-induced paranoia. Remember: they’re probably just interested in catching up, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. A good trick is to ask them a detailed question and allow them to prattle on and on so that you can just nod and listen without having to expose your high thoughts. The best option is to keep calm and remind yourself that it’s only temporary. Enjoy the food and time spent with your family too.

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