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Impact of Packaging as a Marketing Tool and Opening Experience

Impact of Packaging as a Marketing Tool and Opening Experience

Marketing Your Cannabis Brand: How to Get Noticed and Stay Reputable  

Thankfully, keeping cannabis quiet is a thing of the past, but how do you communicate with your consumer base and get your cannabis packaging the notability it deserves? The packaging for your product isn’t just the mechanism that keeps it safe, fresh, and properly licensed for sale. It is also the main means of marketing your brand and showing your potential consumer what your product and story is all about. Your packaging must instantly grab the consumer’s attention, and tell them who you are while looking fabulous all at the same time.

Let us take a moment to consider and connect with what you want your target audience to notice about this novelty. There are after all so many ways to communicate with your consumer from the organic sun-grown nature of your product to the eco-friendly packaging of your brand and lifestyle. A great way to get noticed and stay relevant is through packaging psychology. Knowing and learning how different methods of packaging psychology will make all the difference in how your product and customer base sync. Once you understand the fundamentals of human psychology as it relates to the packaging of your product, you can smoothly guide your branding in the right direction. 

Take a look at three simple ways that your consumer base can be instantly elevated through packaging psychology: 

Typography and Color: It is no secret color creates feelings whether it be a sense of ease, inspiration, or even travel. Tropical colors, festive finishes, and refreshing ombré color schemes can truly engage your buyer. In fact, studies prove that 62-90% of purchases are based on color alone! 

Trends: Being on trend with matte finishes and sleek design will customize your product appropriately and not just add to the personality of your brand, but build the appropriate perception you’ll need. 

Touch– Engaging the senses to suit your customer’s needs. Size and shape matter and can instantly create feelings of ownership, care, and style. 

That said, your customers want to feel inspired, and getting creative with your cannabis packaging is a simple yet strategic way to grab the consumer’s attention. 

Three ways to take your product to the next level: 

Design: Stick to a logo, color scheme, and design that reflects your brand’s story. Hints of metallic gold patterns and a simple straightforward logo design will go a long way as far as recognition is concerned.

Promotion: Make your product seem more like a present. Adding a handy bag encompassing your product, tissue paper, a how-to guide, or something as simple as a sticker will strike attention, show you care, and build a fan base. 

Customization: Be unique, while staying mindful! You can truly use cannabis packaging as if it were a walking billboard. Working customization into your packaging to vividly represent your brand can easily be a voice to your story and an overall game changer for your products. 

Yes, even the smallest of details go a long way! Regardless of whether you are starting a cannabis brand  or rebranding your cannabis business altogether. Tiny kind gestures, secret surprises, and graphics will provide the promotion and professionalism your brand needs to survive in this dynamic industry. It is with unique custom cannabis packaging designs, layouts, typography, and proper use of packaging psychology that you can show the consumer you care and that your product is worth a purchase…. And a puff. Once you have mastered the attention-seeking skill your cannabis packaging can provide and your brand’s story is perfectly conveyed you will next turn your mindfulness to another matter. This leads us to the five main principles of product marketing. 

The Five Key Principles for Marketing Your Product: Putting it All Together 

That’s right! It is now time to focus on the five P principles in marketing for your cannabis brand while building recognition. The five P’s are: Price point, place of sale, product, promotion, and above all packaging. Studies show that 90% of your clients will reuse your brand if they find it aesthetically pleasing to the eye and senses. Furthermore,  40% of your consumers will share pictorial evidence of their favorite cannabis products if it is of course, “Instagram worthy”. Therefore, using your cannabis packaging to express your story is a marketing tool that is critical to your cannabis products’ success. Prioritizing these five key principles will help draw in a reoccurring consumer base and build loyalty to your brand. 

A breakdown of the five key principles need to be outlined in your marketing plan. Once you have picked a price point for your product you can layout your packaging design. Is your brand more of a luxurious experience or a social extravaganza? This decision will help guide you in the right direction for the layout, text, and customization of your brand and packaging. For example, a luxe-angled brand could be more personalized with a note or tissue paper. This gives your brand the feel of a gift or purchased present, circling back to the idea that “small details go a long way”. A fun and more friendly way to promote your brand is with a sticker inside that represents “that home-grown feeling” many consumers are looking for. 
These simple tools and marketing tactics will secure your brand’s longevity. Remember: Looks do matter despite the saying it’s what’s on the inside that counts. You aren’t going to wear a Hawaiian shirt to a cocktail party just because the shirt is collared. (Well maybe you will in which case, “I want what you’re smoking”.) Know your brand, share your voice, and have fun with it!

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