What is a Pre-Roll? The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Rolled Joints

What is a Pre-Roll? The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Rolled Joints

Apart from what’s a pre-roll joint? Another question that is also common with newbs is; what are pre-rolled blunts?

The difference between blunts and joints is the materials used to make them. While manufacturers use the usual rolling papers to produce joints, they make blunts using compressed hemp leaves. Similarly, hemp cones are used in the place of pre-rolled cones when making blunts. Therefore, the meaning of pre-roll blunts is blunts that have already been rolled. 

In addition to hemp wraps, cigar wraps are another popular material used for rolling blunts. These are usually produced from condensed tobacco leaves. Even so, hemp wraps contain CBD and THC, which help accentuate the smoking experience. Also, unlike cigar wraps, hemp wraps don’t have any of the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco-laced blunt wraps. 

Why Use Pre-Rolls?

One of the principal reasons why pre-rolls are popular in the cannabis community is their simplicity. Apart from being inexpensive, they are also ready-to-use, making them ideal for beginners and average weed consumers. 

Pre-rolls are also better quality than many homemade joints since manufacturers use accurate devices to make them. Although many still enjoy the ritual behind making their own joints, hand rolling joints isn’t nearly as precise as using a pre-roll machine.

Pre-Roll Production For Marijuana Businesses

Finding the most efficient method on how to make pre-rolls is paramount for the success of any cannabis brand. Pre-roll machines have become the bread and butter for joint producers in recent years. Still, there are several types of pre-roll machines that companies can select. Therefore, business owners should find an option that suits their budget and specifications.

Brands should also pick a befitting line of rolling papers and pre-roll packaging for their products. Consumers have different preferences regarding rolling papers. Hence, choosing a rolling paper brand popular with your target market would be a sensible choice.

Selecting a suitable type of pre-roll packaging is also a significant decision for cannabis companies. Besides protecting the products, the packaging can also help extend their shelf life. Joint tubes and tins are some of the most prevalent packaging choices for pre-rolls.

Pre-roll joint tubes are an excellent choice for packaging single joints, while pre-roll tins can hold multiple pre-rolls. Joint boxes are also widely used in the weed industry mainly due to their child-proof capabilities. 

Bottom Line

Pre-rolled joints have made it simpler for regular weed consumers to obtain their preferred cannabis strains. They have numerous advantages over other marijuana products and cater to the needs of many cannabis fans.

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