Magical Butter Machine Makes Customized Edibles Easier

Magical Butter Machine Makes Customized Edibles Easier
Magical-Butter-Machine-Makes-Customized-Edibles-Easier You don’t have to be a connoisseur to know that there are a veritable plethora of ways to enjoy cannabis. You can smoke it, vape it, dab it, use it topically or eat it and there are dozens of ways to do each of those things individually. Smoking devices have become more innovative and dab rigs more convenient. Now, even taking the time to bake that perfect weed treat has gotten easier than ever before.

Why Butter is the Perfect Medium for Edible THC

cannabutter makes excellent thc medium due to oil and fat
Pot brownies have always been a classic but, with the growing popularity of marijuana sweeping across the nation, they’re no longer the go-to way to eat weed. Cannabis candy, drinks and butter are amongst the dozens of new edible products on the market that have taken off. Butter in particular is a popular one. In order for THC to have the desired effects on the body, it needs to be consumed with oily, fatty substances, hence the original popularity of the pot brownie. This is why butter has become such a popular new ingestion method. The thing is, making butter is a rigorous, time consuming process that can easily go wrong. You don't ever want it to burn or for the THC to be heated too high and lose its potency. This explains the growing popularity of the Magical Butter Machine.

How the Magical Butter Machine Makes the Process Easier

As far as products that make edible marijuana easier, the Magical Butter Machine is fast becoming a favorite. It makes the process of making weed butter extremely easy as well as eliminating the risk of things going wrong. All you need are the ingredients as listed in the accompanying cookbook. Then you measure them out, set the temperature and the timer, and your weed infused butter will basically cook itself. With a little research you can choose the strain of weed that will suit you most and you can even choose the potency of your edible weed infused butter.

More Than Just Butter

magical butter machine can be used to infuse tinctures and topical products
The Magical Butter Machine even allows you to infuse weed and other herbs into tinctures and topical weed products. These can be really helpful for medical purposes, allowing you to direct the beneficial compounds in weed and other medicinal herbs into a mixture that can be placed anywhere on the body. CBD oils have been known to help with pain, inflammation and even seizures so depending on the weed you use and its compounds, you can make your own infused topicals or tinctures that are especially designed for your specific needs. Butter is a main ingredient in a lot of food that is commonly infused with weed, including brownies and cakes. You can use your weed butter to make other food dishes such as these or eat it as a spread on toast, a bagel or cake. It’s a safe way to make the weed infused edibles you enjoy and have the power over strength and strain. It will save you the money it costs for expensive weed edible products and the time and risk of making the products yourself. Whether for medical or recreational use, the Magical Butter Machine allows you to make your edible products your way.

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