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Nancy Grace Faces Off Against (NORML) Chair and Dr. Drew About Marijuana

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0WebcNn86s[/embed] After losing a marijuana debate earlier this month to rapper 2 Chainz, Nancy Grace continues her onslaught of reckless insinuations of guilt regarding marijuana use. This time, Grace blames marijuana use for a murder that took place last April in Colorado, and, like the rabid dog that she is, takes aim at the head of a top pro-marijuana advocacy group as well as her own colleague Dr. Drew Pinsky, when voicing her anti-marijuana rhetoric. According to prosecutors in the murder case, the victim's husband, Richard Kirk, had traces of marijuana in his system the night of the shooting, and currently faces murder charges for the death of his wife. Norm Kent, chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), wasted no time digging into Grace's misguided logic, when the connection of marijuana to the case is brought up. “I’m not going to let the isolated stories you drag off the Internet impact and affect the millions and millions of Americans who use marijuana responsibly and do not impair or impact society negatively,” said Kent in the debate. “You’re the one who’s sending out the bad message.” “Are you saying the 911 call’s not real?” Grace asked, referring to an emergency call placed by the 44-year-old victim, Kristine Kirk. “No, I’m saying your argument is not real,” Kent scolded Grace. “You take isolated instances of aberrant behavior and try to make them standardized for all marijuana users. And once and for all, Nancy, have you no conscience? When will this stop? When will you own up to the fact that millions and millions of Americans can light up a joint — and have been since the age of Woodstock — without impairing their families, driving recklessly or endangering people.” “I was really just looking for an answer to the question,” Grace replied. “But obviously you’re stoned.” Unexpectedly, Dr. Drew Pinsky takes the side of Kent, citing the fact that an empty bottle of hydrocodone was found at the scene, and the possibility that Kirk had been going through symptoms of withdrawal that could have contributed the murder. “I’m not saying cannabis is not associated with psychotic episodes,” Pinsky explained. “I’m not saying the forensic pathologists are not right — there are human consequences from this drug. But that has nothing to do with the argument about whether it should be legal or illegal.” So there you have it, Grace gets owned..... again, on her own cable television show, only this time, not by a rapper, but by her own colleague who's a certified doctor, and the head of one of the most powerful marijuana groups in America.            

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