Alone and High

Top Things To Do When High and Alone

Top Things To Do When High and Alone

Cannabis lovers usually like to have smoking sessions with other stoners. However, there are times when one just prefers to have a solo session. Experiencing cannabis alone can be a unique adventure since there are numerous activities you can engage in when you get stoned alone. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your weed during the daytime or wondering about what to do when you’re high alone at night, this guide explores the top things to do when on a solo session.

Learn The Art of Rolling 

One of the best pastimes for cannabis fanatics is perfecting the skill of rolling a joint. For beginners, starting with the basics of how to roll a joint can be a fun learning process. A collection of joint papers, a tranquil space, and the willingness to learn is all you need. Practicing how to roll a blunt or joint adds to your skill set and offers a great way to engage yourself. As your skill set grows, you can try learning how to roll a cross joint. The intricacy of these techniques makes the learning process captivating.

Engage Your Creativity

A heightened sense of imagination is one of the notable effects of cannabis. You can use it to channel your creativity in numerous ways. Painting, writing, or even sketching are some of the popular things that stoners love to do. Even if you’re not an artist, exploring your creativity can still be a fun, relaxing activity. Similarly, you can brainstorm ideas for starting a cannabis business or any other entrepreneurial venture that ignites your passion.

Watch Stoner Cartoons

Another activity you can enjoy while getting high alone is watching stoner cartoons. There’s nothing quite like sinking into the couch and losing yourself in the colorful, whimsical worlds these cartoons offer. The humor and creativity that comes alive in them stand out as one of the best things to do while high alone. 

Exploring Physical Activities

Many people associate getting high alone with inactivity. However, there are numerous physical activities to do while high at home that can enhance the experience. Yoga, dancing, or even simple stretching exercises are some of the ways to stay active. They help keep you engaged and can intensify the physical effects of the high, making the experience more fulfilling.

Expanding Your Horizons

Learning a new skill or hobby is another intriguing experience you can do when hitting the bong alone. Be it a musical instrument, a foreign language, or a new recipe, the experience of learning in a heightened state of consciousness can provide unique insights. The enjoyment of gaining new knowledge is certainly among the funnest things to do while you’re high.

A Sonic Adventure

Music is a natural companion for cannabis. When you’re high, music can resonate on a deeper level, providing a rich sensory experience. Exploring different music genres, diving into audiobooks, or listening to podcasts can offer a fresh perspective or even deeper connection.

Safety First

It’s crucial to take things slow when exploring things to do while high alone. Be aware of the risk of getting “greened out,” a term referring to feeling unwell due to consuming too much cannabis. Make sure you maintain a cautious pace and only consume what is within your tolerance levels.

In Summary

For many, getting high alone offers countless avenues for entertainment, creativity, and learning. From mastering the art of rolling a joint to exploring new music genres, these activities can make your solo cannabis journey worthwhile. Regardless of the activity you choose, always remember to prioritize your comfort and safety for the best experience.

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